Monday, March 27, 2006

Busy Monday

This morning, I got a call from a recruiter I sent my CV to so long ago, I didn't even remember doing it. She said she didn't know when I applied, but her director put it on her desk this morning. Did it get lost down the back of the filing cabinet or what?

Sloane Ranger

Then I went off to meet Miss S at the BADA antiques fair on Duke of York Square. All the good-looking public school boys around there. I keep forgetting I can't set her up with my cousin because that's not her type. So I mistakenly told her to walk her dog around Sloane Square, she might get a date because he's so unusual that people will stop to talk. Then I thought, I'm the one who ought to hang out there, and she should go to California because she wants a surfer dude.

While at the fair, I became enthralled with the girls doing ceramics conservation demos. They studied conservation at Dean College, Chichester. Even before I left Christie's, my tutor encouraged me to consider conservation. I have the patience and dexterity for it, specially with my laboratory background.
But...I cannot be a student all my life. I almost wish my Dad hadn't forbid me from working while I studied, though I know I would have failed at both if I had.

Since we graduated from Christie's (I with my M.Phil., she with her 2-year diploma), Miss S has started her undergrad studies at Sotheby's. She says the Christie's programme is more academic and better-organised than Sotheby's. Unusual, because as an organisation, Sotheby's is in the 21st century, while Christie's is still in the 20th. Famous saying that Christie's is run by gentlemen pretending to be businessmen, while Sotheby's is run by businessmen pretending to be gentlemen....(And don't shoot the messenger.)

After the fair, we met up with one of her classmates and went back to her place for tea. She gave me two DVDs! Amelie and Pride & Prejudice! So I let her keep the Orlando (book and DVD) that I lent her last year.


Holiday Hiatus

She wants me to go to Turkey with her (a Sotheby's study trip): Cappodoccia and Constantinople, I think. Sorry, can't remember the new name for the capital...
Then she really thought she could tempt me with a supplemental trip to Ephesus and Troy. Arrrrrgh!
I would love to go.
She is also looking for "someone" to go to Verona with her. I went the year before last, and would go again. I like Verona and its people, and don't mind the opera.

She pays for hotel and tickets. I pay for food.

Must stay in London and get a job. This is my broken record for the people who ask me to travel.
Dear lord, I almost can't believe I am in this position; for the first time in my life, a job is not falling into my lap, and even with my hard pursuit, one is not forthcoming. I am not used to failure, but the last year has been one, bigtime, in every way.



So anyway, when I left her place, I took the bus to South Kensington, and as there were delays on the Piccadilly line, I decided to walk to Green Park. I've been walking through large swathes of London a lot recently.

I don't know how long it took, as I stopped off at Harrods102 for sushi and Krispy Kremes (shush!). Then I got lost on Hyde Park Corner. I could see Piccadilly but kept going in circles through the subway. It was dark by the time I reached Piccadilly and I was close to frustration. So I thought I deserved to go to my club for an espresso and a comfy sit-down. Something I never took advantage of since joining, shame on me...

Went up to the bistro/bar/lounge, put my feet up (not literally) and read Country Life while my coffee cooled and the gentle strains of smooth jazz filled the air. Then I discovered a flat screen TV surrounded by even comfier settees in the further recesses of the region. I am so going back there with my friends.

I just love how friendly they are there. Listen, I am in a mood. I even like the way they put my coat on and settled my collar on my neck for me, so there. Now I might go and have a little cry.


Jia Li said...

ooh thats Harrods place sounds nice...good luck in job surch...I give jialuck to u

Anonymous said...

hey you,
I'm on your blog from my new home-made computer.
Can't wait to see you.

Steliano Ponticos said...

That place does sound great. Olive you will get a job and a good one I am sure..

Rebecca said...

We just went to the Harrods102 this past weekend finally, but it was somewhat of a let down. I thought they would have brought Harrod's food department over, so you could buy food without having to go there, but all they had was a sushi counter and a cafe, and the rest was all packaged Harrods goods. No meat counter, not even cheeses or prosciutti, etc.

Stick to Partridges for special goodies!

Olivia said...

JL - Thanks for the luck ;)

Vee! I thought about you today :) Looking forward to it!

Steli - I think you would like going there.

Rebecca - yes, it was prepared food I initially went in for. Nice, yummy things I could take home and warm up. What's the point of splitting the department? Either all or nothing, I think.

I'm sticking with Selfridges ... Partridges is too far away for me. I just pop out at Bond St, you know.

M. said...

Hm, so what does that mean with the recruiter?

Keep your chin up, darling! It can only get better, and you will find something. For what it's worth, I'm envious of all of your trips on the Tube, taking walks, and going into caf├ęs. Just being in London...sigh.


Leilouta said...

Good luck, I am sure as everybody esle that you'll find something you'll love.
I had no idea that tube meant metro:)

Prerona said...

Hey! All the best :)

Olivia said...

Mers, Leilouta, Prerona - thanks for the good wishes, girlies :)

I really would miss London if I had to leave...funny, it took me 2 years to start liking it again...

lunaliar said...

It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, I can't believe lovely Liv can't get a jobbie!! Those dimwits don't know what they're missing... Here's a job-search strategy: Network like crazy. Make business cards, not fancy or anything, just plain with your name, number and e-mail address, current title if necessary. When you meet someone that works at a place that you'd like to or knows a person who works at an interesting place, give 'em a card, tell 'em to call you if anything opens up.

I had a hard time finding my first post-university job. The cards worked for me!

P.S. I was absent from blogging b/c Dave and I were moving in together! :)

Olivia said...

Hi Luna!
I do want to make business cards, I even looked at some paper for it today.
Thanks for the tip :)

And welcome back!

M. said...

There's an online place that gives you free business cards: . Not sure if it's US only, but the ones that others have sent to me look lovely.


Olivia said...

Mers - many times I went to the vistaprint UK website (they do them here too). I have heard they advertise on the back of their cards.

I would like to design my own, though.

Steliano Ponticos said...

yes it seems like the kind of place I really like

M. said...

The cards I've gotten from only have the website in the back, telling you how to get free business cards of your own.

Designing your own, of course, is more fun!