Thursday, March 16, 2006


Met the infamous Mr B for dinner last night, and Doc joined us an hour later. It was at this truly quirky hole in the wall in Shepherd's Market (off Piccadilly). French name: L'Autre. Run by a Canadian and a Pole. Serving Mexican and Polish food. Confusingly charming, charmingly confusing.

I had seafood enchiladas but wish I had chosen beef. The other two opted for Polish fare: Doc had kielbasa (sausage) with sauerkraut and mustard and Mr B had pierogies (stuffed potato dumplings) with borscht. It was like being back in Texas...with BOTH cuisines!

Once again, they both refused to let me pay :)
Can't wait till I get a job so I can be normal again.
Actually, they spent a few minutes wrangling over the bill. Mr B wanted to pay all, Doc wanted to cover half. I piped in and said to B he'd better listen to the Doc!

Then we wandered off to a pub. As soon as we got in, they started going on about whether or not we ought to go to a bar because I seem to be more of a martini cocktail kind of girl. Honestly....I said that as we were here already, we'd better stay.

We left with Mr B feeling rather poorly, as he is undergoing chemo and even on good days shouldn't push it too far. He has another session today, poor chap.

But all in all - I am happy when my different spheres of friends start to meet each other.


Forgot to mention, Doc was excited about making it back into my blog. He said when he asked to be called "Stallion" last year, it was only because he wanted to see my reaction. Meanie.

He also wants me to mention that he came up with a unique business plan for me to be the only tour-guide art historian go-go dancer in London...



Want to see the 20six post on one of my fave actors??? Hugh Dancy here. (Link opens new window)


Olivia said...

Ooh. I wrote my post on Hugh Dancy yesterday afternoon, and it's on 36 comments plus!

Jia Li said...

sounds like u had a great time

M. said...

To add more international flair to your meal, it's very very Taiwanese to fight over the bill. :)

Polish food...mmmm. I love kielbasa with cabbage, potatoes, and onions simmered in a crockpot. Comfort food!


Prerona said...

awesomebackground and really dishy guy :)

Steliano Ponticos said...

Olive the comments on your 20six post are very interesting. The pics are interesting too. Make me want to buy a suite. (Un costume, c'est comme ca?)

Olivia said...

Mers - I've just remembered something! I had kielbasa once in TX, and you're right. It really was comforting. Something about the comfiness of the sausage with the sourness of the cabbage....mmmm.

Prerona - where can I get one like that?

Steli - you want to buy a suit. You don't have one already? Which designer?

Steliano Ponticos said...

I do -of course- have two Ted Lapidus suits, maybe I will buy a Armani one, more casual.