Tuesday, March 14, 2006


It was A Day and a Half, if you ask me...

Met my tipo J. Last year he wanted to be on my blog as...*cringe* Stallion, but he's too neat to have such a naff name. So let's just call him Doc (not practising).

First Bit

Doc flew in early from Saudi, and somehow because his father was a dentist in the US military, he gets to have a room in one of the reciprocal private clubs on St James's Square. He says, however, he thinks it's a converted closet. London is full of converted closets.

The Net

We met at a coffee place and then set off to start the day. First on the list: Easy Internet cafe on Piccadilly so he could keep tabs on business. He says he still hasn't figured out how to make people keep working when he's not there. Oh dear...and he wants to commute half the week from London?

Broadcast request: Do any of you Londoners know of nice rooms to let in a very central location, within seconds of either Green, St James's or Regent's Parks? The guy is a park addict and needs a replacement for Central Park.

Chinese Emperor

Our walk in Green Park was prevented by the rain, so we decided to go to the Chinese Emperors exhibition at the Royal Academy. In the queue to get the tickets, Doc asks for two. The lady turns to me and asks, "Under 18...?" I shake my head in bewilderment.
Oops, the last time that happened a few years ago, I was in Canada and my Dad was taking my cousins and me to the movies. The lady there asked me if I was under 18, and as I hesitated, Dad, who never skips a beat, said yes! It seems I have been a teenager for nearly 20 years and show no signs of letting up. No one but the hairdresser knows I have 9 greys, oh and now you.

If you have not been to the RA yet, go to that exhibition. Be forewarned, though, patience is a necessary virtue. I will never get over the fine carving on wood, lacquer or jade. Always wonderful materials. Painting on silk, I am sure a one-hair-thick brush was used: the people were small as your thumb but perfectly detailed and there were hundreds of them on one scroll. Not surprisingly, I was the only person there to put my nose up to the glass after taking in the whole. What do these people get by standing 8 feet away from the object and then walking off???

Doc didn't have a coat, not needing to take one to Saudi from NYC so while I was gaping and dawdling at the RA, he ran off to Lillywhite's for a 7 quid deal. Later while we were walking, I commented on the interesting hook on the neck, and was about to ask if it was so I could drag him back from crossing the road at the wrong time (actually for an American he's good at it) when it nearly came off in my hand!

Ton yan gai

We had a late lunch/early dinner in Chinatown, where he made me eat 2/3rds of the food and then paid for it. Bless him - said that while I am unemployed he pays.

Back towards Piccadilly, and we parted ways until dinner tomorrow with the infamous Mr B.


Girlie Stuff

That was not the end of my day. I went off to pick up supplies at Boots. I use the No7 natural effect mascara, and the deal was if you buy No7 products worth 15 quid you get a gift worth 33. So to the mascara I added an eye base and voila!

Look what's in the gift bag: 7 things!...........Oh, haha, very clever of them...

1) a little pot of Uplifting Day Cream - hey, I have to keep up my 10 years younger winning streak!
2) Stay Perfect lipstick in just my shade!
3) ditto nail colour in ditto.
4) Protect and Perfect beauty serum, see 10 years younger comment above.
5) Intelligent Colour foundation, which seems to be my summer shade
6) Full Impact mascara
7) Younger Longer time resisting hand cream. Alright, an age concession: this winter is murdering my hands - I think they're 10 years older.


This morning I wanted to tell you about the Super Volcano that changed the course of human history, and the lovely Morris dancers, but that will have to wait until tomorrow...or the day after...

P.S. I got a place on the voice training course!


M. said...

*is jealous at that bag of Boots goodies*

What's a "tipo"?


Steliano Ponticos said...

yes what is a tipo? And did you say you were under 18? I definitely would have used it to get a reduction.

Olivia said...

Mers - oh bless. I thought of you when I wrote that bit, and our girlie make up conversation :) In fact, I thought of you when I was AT Boots.

Next time you're in London...ahem!

Steli - next time someone mistakes me I will do like Daddy and say yes!

OK, it's Spanish. Tipo is "guy". I dunno, he started it last year. He calls me "mina" which I had to look up and it means "mine". (???)

Rebecca said...

Tipo in Italian is also slang for boyfriend.

So you just spend £15 on any No7 products? Nice one! I used to love those things with the designer cosmetics counters, but you had to spend at least $40 or SFR.50.- or something. But in £s, I don't even want to know.

Olivia said...

Really? That's a bit embarrassing. We're nothing like that at all.

In pounds it's probably the same - 40+

Rebecca said...

Yeah just that £40 is around $80 and SFR.100.- And SFR100 in Switzlernad will buy you much more make up than £40 in UK.

M. said...

Yes m'am! I'm glad you recalled our girly makeup talk in a good way. :D

If MU companies do GWPs on such a low threshold, I may just give them a run for their money.


Steliano Ponticos said...

Are you sure Mina is spanish. I don't know it. But I speak Spain Spanish.

Olivia said...

Rebecca - the Swiss franc goes further than the pound? Oh I feel cheated.

Mers - there is no other way I could recall that chat, tut!

mu = makeup
gwp = what is that? gift wrapped promotion? Just a guess...You're the expert.

Steli - maybe Brazilian Portuguese...

Aie! What's with everyone bugging me over those two words???

Michelle said...

I love it when the guy pays. I know that I should be a feminist and always pays but when a guy pays I feel so great!

Leilouta said...

You love it when the guy pays for what? I hope you mean the makeup ;-)

M. said...

I think Michelle means when guys pay for the meal. :D

O., GWP = gifts with purchase, as they often do in the States, though only at department stores. But the min. purchase price is usually so high.

Oh yeah, and "mina" is also a word in Japanese, meaning "everyone." ;)


Steliano Ponticos said...

michelle. I like it when other people pay. Not that I don't like to spend, but that's another mood.

Olivia said...

"the guy pays" is a phrase well known to refer to the meal!

Mers - as you probably remember, No7 is the Boots brand. Sell it at Target now, don't they?

Thanks for the Japanese tidbit.

Steli - ooh stingy! I usually try to split the cost or take turns, but it is getting harder now :(

M. said...

I saw the Boots aisle at Target a couple of months ago, but sadly I wasn't very excited by it. Don't remember if it was No. 7 in particular, but the whole feel just isn't the same as a Boots pharmacy!

With friends, going Dutch is my default rule too; otherwise we take turns.


Leilouta said...

I was joking Olivia:)