Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunny Weekend

I had a pleasant weekend and still managed to get laundry done :)

First I refer you to Daydreams to read Steliano's post for some original thoughts on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

This afternoon I went dogwalking with a dog whose name, when she arrived at the Battersea Dogs' Home, was Open Top Carriage ... (What???)


On Saturday morning I met Miss S at Kensington Olympia to see the Art and Antiques Fair. There were lots of wonderful little netsuke (the whimsical mini figures of wood and ivory) and even a few inro (the decorative flat cases worn as a kimono accessory).

We stopped at a stall that I remember from last year, but this time Miss S spent about 800 quid on two obi (the great swathes of decorative silk wrapped around the kimono waist) dating from between 1890 and 1910.

I ogled the card cases and tea caddies ... I am a great lover of small, decorative boxes. If you have been my friend for long enough, you have probably received one from me.

One day I shall invest in them. Netsuke are over-popular and overpriced, as are objects in satinwood, which people were practically giving away in the 70s! I like both but am happy to be restricted to boxes.

But oh did we drool over the sleek lines and voluptuous curves of the art deco furniture. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
That has got to be design unmatched to this day! (Please, don't mention Bauhaus.)

Some may think it is only sterile and geometrical:

But the correct use of natural woods will create the warmest atmosphere:


After the fair, we went to South Kensington for a Thai lunch and then round the corner to Christie's to look at the costume preview. We bumped into former classmate Tom, remember at the reception a couple of weeks ago I learned he is a porter there now.

Lots of Dior, Ossie Clark, Zandra Rhodes, Yves Saint-Laurent, Balmain, Pucci, Courreges, even the Biba and Mary Quant labels...

The most popular item, I think, was the chocolate silk satin double-breasted Dior dress coat with wide lapels, wonderfully pinched waist, and full skirt. All the ladies who tried it on will be fighting for it next week.

Items from the '80s were absolutely shameful though...what were we all thinking???

A classic Courreges:

Too bad there were none of these in the sale to go with it:

(Got my first payslip from the finance company. They gave an additional 8% "holiday pay". Hm?)


Jia Li said...

are u on right now? I was at Stelli's

Tag! Your it! Can you find me!

Its blog Tag!

Rox said...

Love Art Deco! The exhibition at the V&A a few years ago had me positively drooling! Did you see that? I think that was one of the best shows they had on in ages.

Olivia said...

I did see it! Stunning, it was - and very memorable.

Not art deco perhaps, but are you going to the Modernist exhibition? It's coming up soon at the V&A, showcasing designs from 1914-1939.

Rox said...

I might although there is a lot that I already know I don't like that much. But it would be worth seeing I am sure. Will keep an eye out for it. Thanks for letting me know.

M. said...

Art deco is interesting but I'm a romantic at heart. Lots of decorations and frilly things. But that Dior dress coat looks fabulous! Probably won't be able to ever afford it though. :)


Olivia said...

Mers - Can I tell you a secret? When I was a teenager I adored Victoriana. Calendars, boxes, pillows, chintz, lace. Eep!

I didn't know taste could change so much, but it did and I'm into mostly Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Orientalism, and the Aesthetic Movement. All first half of the 20th century.

Olivia said...

Hey everyone - as Mers mentioned the cost of the Dior coat, I dare all of you to guess the catalogue estimate...

Anyone from Christie's, keep out.

M. said...

My tastes haven't changed very much in the past 10 years, though it's always been eclectic. Wouldn't want my entire house and wardrobe filled with vestiges of the Romantic era but I do like a lot of it.

My guess on that Dior coat...7500 euros.


Nabeel said...

awesome picture .. the first one .. there are so many things to see .. who's the lady taking the picture?

Olivia said...

Mers - 7500 euros??? Hahaha. OK, I will tell you: 300-500 pounds, so $600-1000.

Nabeel - It's a nice picture, but the photographer is a complete stranger to me.

M. said...

Girl, have you seen some of the prices on Dior clothes tags?! 3500 euros just for a dress. That's why I went high. $600-1000 is still pricey though.