Thursday, April 20, 2006

10 Impressions

I saw, heard, and thought of a million things today and will try to capture a handful of them for you.

1) I was roused from bed this morning by a rapping at my door: water dripping through the ceiling in the kitchen above the microwave (!)
My concealed toilet tank had cracked and indeed I could hear the drip. It must have happened overnight.
The plumber came right over, so when I returned home this evening, all was well.

2) I emailed the events coordinator at the Arts Club telling her I'd be dropping in a cheque this afternoon for two events this month. As I left the house I thought, "What if she has to contact me today for some reason?"
I dropped the cheque off.
Sure enough, I got home and found two emails from her saying that one event was cancelled and the other saying what should she now do with my cheque?
It was the best one - theatre and costume design! The other one is a harpsichord recital.

3) A man got on the Tube with me at St John's Wood. I was out gallivanting all afternoon. When I returned to SJW, there he was again, passing me on the up escalator. He recognised me and smiled.
I wonder where he went and what he did.

4) There are at least 5 hairdressers within a street of me, but I don't like them. Except for one year, I have been going to the same place in Knightsbridge since I came here.
My excellent Italian stylist has put a pink streak in her hair.
I was too hot to have tea and jaffa cakes :(
I ate the lemon slice in my glass of water without wincing.

5) On the Tube going home, I sat beside a man studying Classical Greek. He was writing on a sheet of paper covered with verb conjugations. Blast from the past! I wanted to tell him he was crazy. He saw me reading wide-eyed, and chuckled.

6) I went back home, changed my boots from heels to flats, put on a warmer jacket, and went off to Waitrose, where I promptly took it off in a sweat.
There was an insect leg in the bag of salad I nearly bought.
I did buy a bag of half-fat Caesar salad. It tastes funny, and I have not finished it.
I bought a can of condensed milk to put on my hot buttered toast in the morning. You should try it sometime if you don't mind licking sticky fingers.

7) I looked at all the chimney pots on the houses along Acacia Avenue on the way home.
I began to think I like chimneys, when really I just like blackbirds sitting on them, singing.
And there is a magnolia tree a few doors down. I can't wait to smell it.

8) Can you tell I watched Amelie last night?
Mon dieu! Moi, je suis Amelie! Ou, presque...

9) On Saturday, my landlord is giving me a bookcase. He wants to make it two, but that would involve me losing my long mirror and kidney-shaped makeup table between the two windows.

10) There was a film crew filming through the window at the local grocer's. I spent a while in there, choosing bits n bobs. I wonder if I'm on it.

I'm falling asleep, but haven't had my tea yet.


Rebecca said...

Who is your hairstylist? Coiffeurs are so expensive I am still looking for a reasonablu priced but good-job one. I either pay £20 and get a crap cut or have to find £50 somewhere just for a trim!

And noooo, not crazy to study Classical Greek. Wise and wonderful, world's greatest subject!

Leilouta said...

What a busy day!

Olivia said...

Rebecca - Stefania at Sanrizz on the Brompton Road past Harrods.
And yes, costs 52 squids.

Classica Greek: It is wonderful, but...elusive.
Honestly, how much of it can you remember?
And have you ever needed it?

Leilouta - it was quite, though I've had busier - so I am not sure why I felt I had to share it.

Leilouta said...

There is only one hairdresser within a street of me. They burned my friend's face while doing her hair on my wedding day last year!! I hate them.

lunaliar said...

I love Amelie! I could watch that vid over and over, and over...

lunaliar said...

Oh, and I didn't know your 'rents lived in the woodlands! That's my old hometown!

MattJ said...

hehe, my friend got Amelie and tried to make me watch it. Don't get me wrong i really wanted too but every time I opened the case, the free copy of Delicatessen he got with it stared at me and I watched that instead (love that film, expecially the opening sequece). I will endeavour to find a copy that doesn't give you a freebie and buy it! Have heard it is great.

Rebecca said...

Need it? NEED? I read the Iliad! I NEEDED to read that, in Greek, it influenced me greatly!
And my thesis was a whole wonderful self-study! Oh it had such an impact!

Olivia said...

Leilouta - ow! How did they burn her face???

Luna - blimey, when did I tell you about The Woodlands? How exciting! How long did you live there?

Matt - you might think it's a girlie movie, but go on, watch it. It's for everyone who appreciates things in a different way.

Rebecca, Rebecca - I got you started didn't I? What was your thesis about?

Olivia said...

Ooh. I seem to have lost my Lady Agnes piccie.
I shall have to find me a new laydee.

Steliano Ponticos said...

I so have to get a hair cut..i had a strange day today

Olivia said...

Steli - are you going to tell us about your day?
How long is your hair?

I forgot to blog tonight.

I ate dinner so late!

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