Friday, April 28, 2006

20sixers on fire

That lot on 20six are a breed apart!

This morning Diva posted about her fiance Nagnagnag looking, like men do, for something he thought he had lost. After a frantic surface glance around the house, he could not find it, as he had only lifted the top two top items of clothing from the pile, and Diva found it by lifting a third.

She continued:

As he pointed out when I had finished giggling at him, nagnagnag would make a hopeless detective, I can imagine the scene now:

Detective Insp Nags: Walks in to room and steps over a dead body.
"So, what's up here then?"
He looks about.
"Hmmm, nothing out of the ordinary."
Constable: "What about that sir?"
Points to dead body.
Detective Insp Nags: "Yes the carpet is awful, oh well there's no accounting for taste. Right, nothing doing here, let's go Constable."
Constable: "Errr, ok."
Detective Inspector Nags: As he turns to go
"*tut* What a waste of time, that's the fourth false alarm this week."
He trips over the body as he walks out.
"Mind the draught excluder Constable, it's rather large."

*sigh* You gotta love him ;o)

[Diva's stories are so funny they usually have me in tears...]


In true 20six form, Ska Girl posted this story:

The Head Girl and the Firemen

I have just experienced quite the most satisfying verbal exchange in quite a long while:

As I made my way home about 10 minutes ago, I noticed a Fire Engine waiting at the lights as I crossed the road. I must at this point add that I like Firemen a lot - not just in a "hot-in-uniform" sort of way either, but in a "wow, you save lives and drive trucks with sirens" sort of way. They are cool.

As I reached the pavement parallel to them, I accidentally dropped a letter I had to post, and had to bend down to pick it up. This action caused my skirt to rise above my knee, exposing the shameful appearance of my stockings today.

One of the firemean shouted over:

"Oi, sweetheart, did you know you've got a ladder in your stockings?"

I replied, a little cockily:

"Actually, there's three!"

Not to be outdone, he came back with:

"Well, mine's bigger than yours!" (cue much laughter from the guys in the cab)

I was stunned. Yes, of course, your Fire Engine has a ladder which is easily, oooh, 100x bigger than the ones in my stockings. Normally, I would have just blushed and walked on, but no, the Power of Triple Espressos carried me through and with my most beguiling smile, I retorted:

"True. But you aren't climbing these ones!"

His co-Firemen all wooped at him, and I strutted off home, feeling a bit surprised, but rather smug.


Gotta love 'em indeed.


SlytherinHeadGirl (Ska Girl!) said...

20sixers are quite something, that's for sure :)
Thanks for including me on here xxx

Steliano Ponticos said...

Very funny stories. Did you see who today's birthday is.

Olivia said...

Hey Chloe - it was a pleasure!

Steli - um I was ignoring that part!

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Steliano Ponticos said...

Well then, sorry I brought it up.