Monday, April 17, 2006

Bank Holiday thoughts

Ummmmm did I say I was feeling better on Friday? From the nausea, maybe, but I was still unwell until Sunday. I got so fed UP.
I slept 10 hours on Saturday night and woke up way after the local Easter service had started! So much for that.

It was sad, an Easter Sunday at home. In the afternoon I thought I'd go out for a walk and sit for a while in the park. It threatened to drizzle. On the way back I popped into Boots and picked up some Imodium.

When I got home all I wanted to do was sleep.

I had no idea diarrhea took this much out of you. Oh. Ha ha.

Today I feel quite perky, not a day too soon as I am to go to a friend's house this afternoon. Today I really really want to vacuum my room.
Is that asking too much of myself too soon?

I had brown toast and ginger jam for breakfast and all's quiet. Whew.
[Edit] Yes! It's a good thing I'm all better, we had homemade Indian food for dinner. It was nyummy.


Oh, I've just got off the phone with my oldest friend. Her parents have always been extremely restrictive regarding her dating life. Mine would have been free if I'd actually had the opportunity - they are shockingly so now (much unlike I expected).

She hasn't really dated much - while I've been on plenty of first dates. Last year, she and I dated and broke up with guys around the same time. Our first real possibilities. Other than that, we're pretty naive.

Ironically, she's been going out this year with a guy she met 10 years ago and they both liked each other, but her father said no. I guess Greek parents don't let their kids make mistakes.

I told her it was just as well - they might have matured, changed and then grown apart. Still, that's the way to learn isn't it?
But then, they wouldn't have had this opportunity. And he has remembered her for 10 years.

Today they are seamless. They both know they are going to marry each other.

Hello, my turn next, thank you very much.


Steliano Ponticos said...

whenever someone speaks about cleaning their room I look back from my computer chair and see a huge mess. Well, at least I have the computer side of the room..

Steliano Ponticos said...

wow 10 years is long, that's nice

Olivia said...

What do you mean, is the computer side of the room clean? Haha.

I thought back to the guys I knew in high school 10 years ago, and I wouldn't want any of them to call me now.

Olivia said...

Anyway, they're all in Texas and Germany.

Steliano Ponticos said...

the computer side is around the computer, that space is actualy clean, all the rest is, well, not clean, so in my room you have to try and move as quickly as possible to the computer side, otherwise you don't know what kind of prehistoric monster you could meet

M. said...

That's the attitude to take, girl. :D

I'm sorry, but everytime I see "fed up" now I have to think FedUPS, thanks to you. :P

Olivia said...

Steli - if you ever see one, take a blurry photograph of it! You might be hiding the next abominable snowman or another yeti.

Mers - hehe, specially as I wrote it similarly :P
Didn't mean to!

Olivia said...


why the heck do they call it "abominable"???


what kind of a stoopid name is "yeti" and why did I think of that before Bigfoot?

Leilouta said...

Go clean your room Steliano :)
btw, you remind me of my brother.

Jia Li said...

you will find someone...there is someone for everyone

Olivia said...

Leilouta - you'd better tell me to clean my room, too :)

Jia Li - I've been telling myself that for about 12 years now...

Steliano Ponticos said...

Leilouta, I promise you to clean my room. How old is your bro, btw?

Hmm, Olive there are very logical explainations for all these questions:

1)because that word was in, back then

2)the very stoopid kind

3)because it comes to mind first


Wise Guy StelianoP

Steliano Ponticos said...

And Olive clean your room :)

MattJ said...

Steli, sounds like my room!

Hello! I am definitely back this time, making efforts this time! things have been quite busy on the social and work front hence my absence.

hope you are feeling better, because you need to carry out a comparative study for me. It does mean lowering yoursledf to eating cadburys though. they have produced a cream egg dairy milk bar. I need a verdict : Genius or Heresy? I have made my decision but will ask for your opinion.... may even postb on it lol!

I love indian food, who cooked? What did you have?


Olivia said...

Steli - I did clean it! :)
Am I good or what?

Matt - welcome back, again!

I do not need to try a creme egg bar to decide whether it's a heresy or not. I know it is!

Anonymous said...

glad you are feeling better. 10yrs, eh? People definitely change in 10yrs....


Steliano Ponticos said...

mattj, wellcome to the club. Olive you are defnitely good.