Sunday, April 02, 2006


I put this up on 20six last night and it caused quite a stir, so here it is for you all too:


A giant bumblebee came in my room - as big as my fist - I have a small fist - but that still makes a big bee --- !

I ran out of the room screaming, and it was bumbling all over the place. This is sooo why they call them bumble bees. Finally it knocked itself out on the hot lightbulbs. By the time I crept in, spotted it by my boots, and emptied the water glass to pop on top of it, the thing was off again.

I ran out of the room screaming part deux. It stunned itself again, but this time I have no idea where it fell. I considered sitting on the stairs for a while.

But obviously I am back in my recliner, every moment half expecting something to crawl up my leg. Having just typed that, my feet are way off the ground now!

And my tea is stone cold...

Where is the intruder?

Wanted: knight in shining armour to rescue damsel in distress.


Well, my overnight guest decided to wake up at 9.30 am exactly, when it buzzed out of wherever it had slept.

I ran out of the room part trois but I didn't scream this time. It skipped the open window and headed straight for the closed one. Bumble, bumble, bumble, it went, against the glass...

I came back in and sprayed it with a room scent, but the thing was so big it didn't slow down. When it realised it had been doused, it sat on the middle ledge of the sash to wipe itself off. Meantime, I pushed the top sash down so that all I had to do was pop the flyswat down and flip the bee out.

Bye bye, Bumble Bee.


I think she was a queen, so she could sting. She had awoken from her winter slumber and was off looking for a new home where she could found another colony.


Chris in MB said...

I love bumble bees!!!
They enter my shop all the time.
All you really had to do was "net" her into a large white plastic bag and release her outside.
They are not very aggressive compared to other bees or wasps.

Steliano Ponticos said...

I agree they're not that agressive, but I still don't like them. In fact I don't like animals in general. I do love talking animals, however.

p.s. you have an Oscar Wilde quote today, cool.

Rebecca said...

Bees and wasps actually only sting when being attached and only consider themselves under attack when they are being approached from below or above. If you come at them sideways they are fine. It is difficult when they are flying around, but good to know.

Leilouta said...

That is a funny story

I had one very scary experience.

One morning while in high school, I got ready to wear my jeans and found one of those big black hairy spiders coming out of them. I screamed so hard that the neighbors came to our house at 7 a.m. to check on us. I will never forget that

Olivia said...

Chris - welcome. I get bees and wasps often, but I prefer wasps because they move so slowly and hang around a lot.
Whereas bumble bees really do bumble, and this one was high-speed!

So Rebecca - thanks for being the only person to acknowledge the fact that I could not physically keep up with the bee!

Steli - if you could have a talking animal, what would it be?

Leilouta - glad I could make you laugh!
When I read your spider story, I nearly screamed.
I hate spiders.

North Texas has medium sized black hairy spiders. They jump and they bite. Once, one jumped into the car and crawled into the tape player!!! Mum and I drove home with one eye on the player and one on the road. It never came out!

Steliano Ponticos said...

defenitely a talking bird, just imagine talking to a bird..

M. said...

Room scent?! Girl, I'd have a can of Raid in my hand!

Speaking of bugs...cucaracha season is upon us. *shudder* I almost stepped on several of them while walking downtown this weekend. Yuck.

Olivia said...

Steli - the closest you can get in real life is an African Grey parrot. It has the IQ of a 4-yr old child.
Lots of fun!

Mers - Eh, don't need bug spray over here. Blech, and imagine getting it all over my books and bed and makeup!

Are cucarachas cicadas?

In Dallas, during the cricket mating season, millions of them converged on the new grocery store, which stood in what used to be a field. It was like a carpet of crickets. They were even crawling up the walls, and we could hear them crunching under the tires!

It was in Texas where I first developed a fear of bugs. Here, I used to rescue them from the bird bath.

Rebecca said...

Aaah, very St. Francis. My mother claims to talk to birds. But then, she would also say about our pet dogs: "Dogs are people too you know". You can't even use language barrier as an excuse there!

Olivia said...

Absolutely - Used to talk to my pets and hey, they responded!
Also, some dogs really do think they are humans.
Have you seen the talking dogs?

I was always stopping the car to pick up some form of young abandoned wildlife. So for a time I wanted to be a vet.

M. said...

They didn't call them cucarachas down in TX? Cucarachas = cockroaches.

I can't survive without my can of bug spray. It takes me time to battle with them because I wait until they're on a wall, a window, or the floor, away from my possessions.