Sunday, April 23, 2006

Weekend prattling

My landlord finally gave me a bookcase yesterday evening, so I spent the day spring cleaning, y'know, doing the windows, picture rails, skirting boards and the corners. It felt great!

There seems to be a pattern. I spend the winter feeling low and lethargic, thinking, "Will I be like this forever?" and then - it happened last year too - there is one sunny day in April when I just spring to life and clean the room from top to bottom, windows wide open and curtains fluttering in the breeze.

That day was yesterday.

Today I have been wiping down all the dusty books that have spent the past two years stacked alongside the wall by my bed. They are all on shelves now, just about. I have some amazing books, it's so exciting to see them all again! I had to laugh when I went picked one up and exclaimed, "Oh my, I have a Dictionary of Theories?!".

There are more than 200! Half are art and history books and a couple of art historical tomes - so heavy that if you could throw it, you would kill a man at a few paces.

Then there are a lot of nice reference volumes, French/Italian/Latin/Icelandic dictionaries, some family antiques, a couple of box sets, a whole shelf of literary classics and fiction.
And a bothersome pile of Christie's magazines, useful magazines, auction catalogues, maps, and guides from absolutely every place I have visited in the past four years.

Remind me never to buy another book.

My shorter, straightened hair:

Oven mitt from Jia Li in Newfoundland. It is handmade locally by a granny.
and metal bookmark from Denise in NYC. It's from Kate Spade's paperie in SoHo.

Piccadilly Circus/Regent's Street.
It is at moments like these when I remember I love London:

A goose by the pond at Regent's Park:


Anonymous said...

Like the hair...

I recall suggesting straightening, so I take all the credit for this

Rox said...

Bookcases! I love them and keep buyig them cause they are overflowing all too soon. Anyone who isnt bookish would probably find all my rooms rather stuffy cause of them. But oh I too love looking at my treasures! As for dusting them, I admit I only just run a fluffy disposable duster thingy over them from time to time.
Saturday was a lovely day wasn't it. We finally started de-jungle-ing the garden. Kinda like spring cleaning.
I like the hair with the ribbon thingy. Girly in a nice way.

Steliano Ponticos said...

i really like your books, a varied collection that has a few surprises to it. Also the pic of london is wonderful, makes me want to visit again..

Olivia said...

Anonanon - I remember, but it was so long ago!

The prodigal reader comes back wanting all the credit...You can have the hip-hip but not the hooray, how's that?

Rox - I have so much window in my room (woulda been the drawing room) that there's no space for any more furniture.

Hehe, I too have a duster, but it's ostrich feather and more comes off it than it picks up.
This was thick dust from them having been stacked and untouched for so long.

Steli - yes more surprises I found are:
the 1542 Tyndale New Testament, the Morte D'Arthur in original Old English by Thomas Malory, 4 etiquette books (!), a volume of cocktails, a book about Anglo Saxon English, a history of our eclectic.

Hey I was looking at jobs in France the other day!

MattJ said...

Hello you! I personally like having my little set of shelves overflowing with books, I could do with somehting more substantial so I can bring other volums out of retirement but always has to be overflowing hehe. I have a much less ecclectiv mix - all novels or non-fiction mixed in with Techy Books (from chip architecture to programming - ooh the thrill! lol), some cook books and one or two on ethics.

My filing system, as you can tell, is astounding.

you been able to publish posts today Liv? I come back to the fold and now I can't publish my vital and groundbreaking stories! :D

Anonymous said...

your hair looks nice.

Olivia, to tell you to stop bying books would be like telling to stop eating.

I am glad you finally got a bookshelf...I'd love to see your room now. Send me pics, pretty please.

Sorry, you haven't heard from me in a week. Lots of changes this week.

love, vanessa

Jia Li said...

hey, I love that u love the oven mit

Olivia said...

Matt - I wasn't online much today as I was working so I don't know what Blogger was up to.

Overflowing? Exactly what I do not want my bookcase to be like! I want it to stay as pretty as it is now :)

Vanessa - You're right, I will never stop but I have slowed down a lot.
I wish I had it when you were here!
I took a photo yesterday but I will have to take another because I put my pretty accoutrements up too.
I want to talk to you soon so you can tell me about these "changes".

Jia Li - it's hanging on the side of the bookshelf right now, actually...

Steliano Ponticos said...

Eclectic indeed, the morte d'arthure has to be really fun to read and the old bible has real historical value, no..

Olive, dans ce cas on change de place :D

Olivia said...

Steli - je ne comprends pas. pourquoi? Tu aimes ces livres?

Also, I have not forgotten that you have requested a Hieronymus Bosch blog. Now that I have access to my books...!!! I am determined to write it without Google.

Meander said...

ooh what wonderful photos! i love your hair! and your bookcase looks so neat! i should take a photo of my bookcase...not neat! i am so envious of your beautiful blogger blog! i will have to work hard to get mine to look so lovely...

Anonymous said...

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tooners said...

aaah, some more beautiful pics. I particularly like the goose. Your eyes are soooo big and pretty. How I'd love to have big eyes! But.. we always want what we don't have, eh?

I really enjoy your blog.