Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bok! The Bunnies!

I love how the chickens

1) Run over to break up the fight with a few frontal shoves

2) Stare the bunnies down while tempers cool

3) Strut off together with a warning "bok!"

Keeping the mean streets safe from marauding lagomorphs.


MattJ said...

I still like the one I saw with the rabbit chasing a snake upa tree lol!

Ricercar said...


The Moody Minstrel said...

As Klucktu said in the movie The Day the Farm Stood Still:

For our policemen we created a race of roosters. Their function is to patrol the farm and preserve the peace. In matters of aggression we have given them absolute power over us. This power cannot be revoked. At the first signs of violence they act automatically against the aggressor. The penalty for provoking their action is too terrible to risk.


I, for one, welcome our feathered overlords.

ML said...

I LOVE that! How funny!

Anonymous said...

lol, that was cute

jia hearts o said...

oh and that was me:)


Chris in MB said...

lol I'm trying to figure out why the roosters were intervening!

Maybe they figured the rabbits were attempting to display dominance? Chickens aren't too smart! They may have not realized the rabbits weren't chickens!

tooners said...

oh olivia... this is delightfully wonderful!!! really, it amazes me. you know, it really seems as though the rooster is giving the bunny a good talking to.... and then the other chicken is making sure the other bunny understands and that he's cooling down. i love this! i just can't get over it...

you know, my in-laws have 4 bunnies - big ones - in a small cage at their house. i hate it. they don't understand animals and the way you are supposed to keep animals. to them... they're cute to look at and that's it. it breaks my heart really.

you've brightened up my day my dear!

Olivia said...

Tooners - *whispers* So glad I made your day!
*guilty for not replying to everyone else.*

I still come back to watch this, even yesterday.