Thursday, June 23, 2005

Guys and Dolls

I went with a friend to see Guys and Dolls last night. It was great: We were on the 3rd row. We were THIS close to Ewan MacGregor. (That's not the main reason I went, it was a bonus.) I just love a good toe-tapping, rip-roaring American musical from the golden days of Broadway.

I can't leave out Jane Krakowski. She played Elaine in Ally McBeal. She's a really bright actress. To see her and Ewan sing and dance (not together), was a real treat.

The temperature in the auditorium soared when the men did their numbers and they got the loudest applause. There is nothing like a man doing a dance, specially if he's in a classy outfit and a fedora.

What is it today with getting stared at??? I was on the Tube to London Bridge station and for half of it there, once he'd caught sight of me around the standing guy, was a scary man with piercing dark eyes staring holes through me. I didn't know where to look.

Then, on the way home another guy kept looking at me too, despite the fact that I was sitting beside two more lively girls. He gave up after a while, and kept us slightly amused by making a very nice knot on the tie he took out of his bag. Then one more look to see if I was impressed by the handiwork.

Alright, as someone who cannot help but gather data, it tends to happen when I am feeling chipper (to steal an American phrase). When I go around looking dour or extra-pensive, I get left alone. So which should I do??? No, styoopid question - why pretend to be down when you're not?

Now here's a mistake I seldom make: at the end of the evening, I got on the Tube going the wrong way from Westminster (The delightful company and I had walked along a lot of river). I was sure I followed the westbound Jubilee for SJW. I sat down, and it wasn't till we'd pulled out of London Bridge that I realised I was heading into the hinterlands. I got out and changed all the way out at Bermondsey!

And as if that's not enough, I got to SJW and had to pick my way through the drunken cricket crowds. There were so many of them at the Duke of York on the corner, that they'd taken over the corner across the road, too.

Halfway down the terrace to my house, I bumped into a rather large moth and stifled a scream. I'm sure I spooked the ladies I was just passing.

My quote of the day: "Hungry. No appetite. Love to faint. Can't think straight."

It's what I said to my landlady when she asked how I was feeling today. (It was 34C/93F in London today. Not a spot of A/C to be found anywhere.)

Yes, Olivia is babbling but no, Olivia is not tipsy...Not this time...


Steliano Ponticos said...

I think its very annoying to be stared at..staring can seem like a destructive act -even at a painting or anything-..but finally its just a look..for me the most horrible part of your day would have been walking among the cricket fans. said...

On my way to work I go by a chippie van and I always used to say hello to whoever was stanbding around when I went by. Then one day they all shutup as I approach, and when I walk by the chippie lady whistles and yells hey sexy, and one of the guys, a client, says 'hello gorgeous. So now I go by with my head down, as if caught up in my own thoughts. And I think that's sad.

But men in fedoras, faaaabulous! he he

Olivia said...

Hey Aleb, how come you're not Rebecca anymore?
How embarrassing to get whistled at from a chippie van. By a woman.
Anyhoo, see? It works when you look all busy and thoughtful!

OJ said...

May be they were looking at your oh-so-nice-bum? ;-)

Olivia said...

OJ - Oh! The CHEEK!!!
(Pun accidental.)

sassyassy said...

If the guys are ugly go for the dour/morose look, otherwise, bat those gorgeous eyes.

I cannot imagine London being that hot. I just got back from New Orleans, LA, and had to take 3 showers a day & change twice that it was soooo hot there even with air conditioning. sorry...rattling on about nothing.

Olivia said...

Welcome to my blog, queenofsass. And how did you find us?

The dour look is a good defence in this city as you may have already noticed from Aleb's story.
I wonder if New Orleans is like Houston, but with less efficient A/C.

P.S. That's what we bloggers tend to do: rattle on about nothing ;)

Steliano Ponticos said...

Nous parlons de tout et de rien. ;)

Everything and nothing .=. look a car..vrooooom

Olivia said...

Steli, that's cute .=.

It was your turn to leave a comment just as I published a new post! ;)

Steliano Ponticos said...

And I've done that

Olivia said...

Haha, I can see that :P
It's like playing a game of Tag...