Saturday, June 11, 2005

High ranking

I discovered the coolest thing today. When you Google for Alexander Spencer Churchill and Marlborough, my blog comes up 4th in the list - from when I mentioned him and his grandfather at the Christie's Stowe banquet. Oh, and now he's on here twice...

I watched the Trooping of the Colour this morning on TV. I was going to the NPG but changed my mind when I thought of all the people-jams around central London.
No wonder this morning I heard some horses marching purposefully past my window. Wish I'd gotten up to look. It would have been the Royal Horse Artillery on the way to St James's Park.

So there was a bit of "neigh"bourhood pride (sorry!) when they entered the square at a sitting trot...

I also like the part where the Shire-type drum horses lead in the mounted band. Those drums are solid silver, and the riders' uniforms are rather solidly embroidered too. Heavy load. Commentator said that the horses were called Spartacus and Constantine (whose stable name is ... Eric). And when they pass the Royal dais, the drummers hold their crossed batons aloft.

Anyway, in the Queen's 50 year+ reign, she has missed her birthday parade only once, when a rail strike forced its cancellation. She really has been a faithful, consistent, enduring, and record-breaking monarch.
Spectators were treated to Camilla's first appearance in the Trooping as Duchess of Cornwall (where was Charles?).
Prince Philip has just turned 84 and the poor man had to wear a big busby on his head.

Which reminds me of an odd dream I had a couple of nights ago: Queen Elizabeth was crowning him her co-ruler, i.e. King Philip. Bit late for that, isn't it? Weirder still, I handed her the crown...

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