Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I am officially climbing The Hill...

...because when I went for a haircut yesterday I could see two grey hairs in the mirror from where I was sitting.

I've had one intermittent grey since high school. I developed a permanent second after my parents split up, and another while I was writing my thesis last year. But now they're out with a vengeance. This week they seem to have at least doubled to 6, and that's just where I can see.

The hairdresser guessed I was 30 - for the first time in my 28 years someone realises I am over 21! I feel so grown up! But then, she's the only other person who has counted my greys...


Tomorrow is my last day, and I was given the most difficult task yet: filling out copyright forms for the photographers represented by Lebrecht. It all felt so wrong. If I had more hair I would have pulled it out. (Hey, maybe the grey ones?)
Don't ask me why filling out forms is harder than labelling a picture or preparing an invoice, it just is...[pout]


Some of you will enjoy Isfahan, a 3-D movie inspired by Persian architecture, by a multi-talented Spanish artist. (Thanks Mich.)

P.S. I've been well and truly honoured on Steliano's site for winning the "Why?' competition. *blush*

P.P.S. That's it. No More Cars. For now.


eruditebaboon said...

don't worry - I'm covered in white hairs and I'm only 27 - you're doing well to just have 6!

Anonymous said...

yep, 6 is not bad. That's how many (and + maybe) you found on my head 2yrs ago. I have got a few more today.
well, I am working on catching up on your blog again.

Olivia said...

Vee, Thank you for catching up, you're a star!

Steliano Ponticos said...

I saw the animation and..and it was better. I think you can see that beauty in architecture is the purest form of beauty. It is based on symetry and fittedness..its formal beauty not like in art where the content also matters..hmm Well thank you (and Mich)..a plus