Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Abduct me!

I was hoping I'd remember my dreams last night, and I did!


I was getting ready for a wedding. It must be because of all the engagements this year, but I was about to be a bridesmaid. I don't know who these people were, by the way.

But somehow in this busy place with banquet halls and shops and a big park, I met a really cute guy. We got talking and walking through the shops and the park. He was wearing a navy blue blazer, pink shirt, and brown trousers. He was very preppy! At one point I put my hand in his arm to stand on my tiptoes so I could emphasise a point I was making. Then he had to leave, and by this time my friends were all calling me to come get changed into my gown. So I walked with him to his little sports car and he drove off.

He looked like this:

In reality, this is Daniel Lapaine. He was Byrne in The Abduction Club, set in 18th century Ireland. I saw this movie last night and remembered that the first time I saw it, I had a crush on him. He was also the South African swimmer in Muriel's Wedding.

In the dream, sad to say, he did not give me his number but I assumed he knew where to find me.


I'd definitely let him abduct me...


Steliano Ponticos said...

Hello, so at least one other person with me has decided to write all their dreams. Thanks. Surrealism is on the march.

lunaliar said...

Don't tell Dave, Liv, but I'd let him abduct me, too! ;)

Olivia said...

Steli - Oh yes, the Surrealist Dream Factory!
Someone on 20six told me to eat cheese before I go to bed so I can dream some more.

Luna - hey, we girls keep each others' secrets...my lips are sealed ;)

Steliano Ponticos said...


Leilouta said...

Wow!! I don't eat cheese that much and I dream too much :)

Chris in MB said...

What kind of cheese?

I eat lots of Parmesan but I don't think that works.

Olivia said...

Funny how you three picked up on the cheese idea.

I ain't doing it, though.

Tonight I might dream. It's nearly 10.30, I have just finished dinner, not yet even moved on to the tea and cookies and apples and grapes. !!!

This Sainsbury Moroccan couscous is YUM!

tooners said...

I've had some psychology classes where we analyzed dreams.... all you have to do is tell yourself to remember all of your dreams, before you go to bed, and within no time, you'll start to remember them. We had an assignment for the semester where we had to remember and write down all of our dreams, I woke up after every dream, throughout the night, and would write them down. You don't realize how much you dream until you start waking up!! It wore me out, but it was fun.

After the class, we told ourselves to stop, and we did. Weird huh! The mind is soooo powerful!!

Just tell yourself to start remembering your dreams before you go to bed... it should start working w/in no time. :)

Rebecca said...

And watch La Cité des Enfants Perdus

oli_me said...

this is a lovely dream. I reckon every girl has almost had once about this sort of fantasy. I hope you will meet someone so nice in reality. My name is Olivia, same as yours, btw. good luck. ( you dont know me, i just happen to see your blog entry by typing the key word "olivia" in order to see the page from other people with the same name as mine

Olivia said...

Tooners - haha, we didn't do that, and psych was my BA, but maybe it was one of the electives I missed. Anyway, I do tell myself to do it sometimes, and it works...sometimes...

Rebecca - ah, that is one of your favourite films, n'est-ce pas?

Oli_me - welcome, and thanks for finding me. Googling can be such fun!

oli_me said...

hi, Olivia. what nn do you usually go by? I go by Oli rather than something else, I love Oli more than any other nns though. I am base in Melbourne. so more than a bit far from the UK. which part of the UK are you in now? I am doing my master in politics here in Australia now and I have spent quite many years overseas but I was born in China. cheers

Rebecca said...

It's a very good film, and in prep school I wrote my AP Art History paper about it, our assignment was write about a film, make it an art history paper, so I did CIte and Surrealism. Weird how I always end up writing about modern movements which I don't particularly like.
But anyway, it was great material, I could have written for chapters.
So if you're into dreams, watch this film.