Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Engagement Kick-Off

It has proven impossible to store up all the engagement parties for one post. As I kept this resolution after the first, I've told you about the next two, and the expected 3 have become 4, and the fourth is not for another month at least, I think I will have to give in and blog about the first one so I don't get confused. No more engagements this year, I hope. I go my whole life without one, and suddenly there are 4 in two months.

Old friends of my Dad, whose son married a couple of years ago, have now engaged their daughter.

J and her beau A were betrothed in May at a giant ceremony worthy of most western weddings.
As at any Indian do, but especially Sikh, the food was delicious and filling. The bhangra drummers exciting. The girls' clothing just gorgeous.

I don't remember if I took my camera or not, but I didn't need to as the father's school chum had his professional kit in readiness.

Jaz encrusted with gold

But so many people. At these big events, I get really really shy and don't know what to do with myself at all. And yet, if it were my event I'd sparkle like a pro, I've done it before...

I am not sure what went on, but everything was lost to sight behind the bevy of cameras, lights and photographers, it was like paparazzi central! Most of the guests just wait to watch the DVD. I know I am.

The honoured girl relaxes

Leilouta, this detail of the red velvet coat is for you - sorry about the silly bag.


tooners said...

ooohhh, I LOVE the red velvet coat! the bag is a nice contrast... i think. you look smashing dawwling - very fashionable.

was this an engagement party or wedding? i've never been to an Indian wedding. the dresses are beautiful. gosh, i can't imagine the crowd!

Steliano Ponticos said...

when i was a kid a went to quite a few engagements with my parents..i never liked them and used to run away..i should try one now and see if i still run away..but the party seems great and your coat is really very Olivian, good choice.

Leilouta said...

Thank you Olivia,
I agree with tooners, you look very fashionable.

panda_eyed said...

oh wow, I love the outfits, so colourful and beautiful! Chinese wedding outfits are very similar ach.
I do love your velvet coat, you look very sophisticated Liv!

Olivia said...

Tooners - ooh thank you thank you!

This was an engagement, but it's such a huge event, and the wedding is only a few months afterwards. I have no idea how the families recover from the stress and financially!

I've been to two Indian weddings: one Sikh (Jaz's brother) and a Hindu one.

Steli - I think Mediterranean people go to too many events and the sons rebel. When we were in our late teens, my Greek Cypriot friend Anthony got fed up and let me go to a Greek christening in his place.
Maybe now you will be more into observing everything and everyone - and deciding what to blog about :P

"Olivian" -- Steli, you are a genius at inventing new English words, even though it's not your first language!

Leilouta - you're welcome...and...thank you! Well I do try, but I still come out with this unusual individual/ancient/ethnic streak.

Panda - heyyyy! Welcome to this blog, finally. Usually it's similar to the others. Being original in each is getting impossible!

Steliano Ponticos said...

:P indeed, and you are pefectly right about the medeterranean thing i will say more about it later maybe

Steliano Ponticos said...

and oh, i am flattered about Olivian. I had a good idea to start with you see.

Steliano Ponticos said...

how many engagements will you go to..4?

Olivia said...

Hehe :)

Yes I have been to 3, now there is only one left. I must go, they would notice if I didn't.

Olivia said...

Steli, look at the quote of the day by Macchiavelli. I didn't know entrepreneurs existed so long ago....but actually, maybe the Renaissance is exactly when entrepreneurship was recognised and named.

Steliano Ponticos said...

Olive, I was just going to tell you about the quote. But you read my mind. Hey, send someone who looks really like you to the engagements :D Then you can go wherever you want.

For entrepreneurship -what a long word- I have no idea. But I think noone was rich enough to be an entre... during the middle ages. I mean there was no middle class or something like this.

Olivia said...

You're right. I think the middle class was created in the Renaissance, along with a lot of career freedom, social mobility, and recognition for personal achievements.