Friday, June 09, 2006

Of shoes and ships and sealing wax

This is a blog I wrote on 20six when Blogger was broken earlier this week...

I jotted a blog down on a napkin during a lunch break when I was working last week. I fished it out of my handbag this morning. It was on that cold windy grey day. (Hard to remember, as it's 30C/80F and blazingly sunny today!)

Sitting at a bistro window or on the terrace of a cafe watching the world go by is one of the best urban non-activities to not-do, so here are some thoughts inspired by the passing humanity:

1) Tights go with slippers! Who knew?

2) Some people blindly follow the calendar and, figuring as it's early June - sod the snowstorm - they'll put on sandals, cotton skirts, t-shirts, even shorts. "I bought this new wardrobe, and by Jove, I'll wear it before the season's out, even if I do get frostbite!"

3) Some do the smart thing and put on a jacket. Even a scarf. One girl went too far and wore gloves.

4) It bothers me when tourists read maps on street corners for hours on end, not daring to ask directions from one of the hundred people who are are trying to get past the bottleneck they have caused.

5) And when people topple over in the Tube. They absolutely insist on it! The train starts off the platform and passengers make like dominoes. All the years of learning to stand up, to no avail.

In a full train with no handholds, I can stand free and not fall over. I mean, just because I am a girlie, I'm not going to pretend to be all silly and unbalanced. (end rant)

6) Women and shoes. There are the comfy driving moccassin-wearers, and there are the stiletto-wearers, as if they're not already tall enough. Their feet are killing them at the end of the day. I have seen them limping home while trying to look like they're not.

Me? I do the ballet slippers with capris and skirts - kitten heels if it's dressy - and if I go jeansy, I got me a delicious pair of tan driving mocs, not to mention my innumerable square-toed loafers.

I've know how I like all shades of turquoisey blue and mint green? When it comes to leather, I seem to be drawn to tobacco leather - always soft, pliable, a rich shade of tan. Mmmm. The thought occurred to me when I sat down the other day to oil my pencil case and cream my moccassins.

And finally - fashion rules I grew up with, to be broken today without impunity:

1) no white before 29 May, or linen for that matter

2) green/orange/yellow do not go with your skin tone/hair colour

3) those colours don't match!

4) but the jacket is shorter than your shirt!

Can you think of any more?



lunaliar said...

I am constantly breaking "fashion rules" with utmost impunity! Screw all that junk that people feed you about what to wear and when! I'll wear what I want!

*dons feathered cap and traipses out of the office*

Olivia said...

Oh, we all break the rules nowadays. I've been learning hard over the past year, though there are still some I stick to.

Like yer hat, where'd ya get it?

Michelle said...

I break rules all the time, all the time.

Oh, I'll be updating my blog again.

tooners said...

I love slippers.. but they haven't come out over here as of yet. I break the rules too... when you're over here in 100 degree weather, it's hard not to put on some linen. But, even still, I do still try to not wear white... but sometimes I break it. I've noticed that rule going out the window as of late anyway.

5) Don't wear high heeled hooker platform shoes w/ short skirts... (even tho many do it here)

Olivia said...

Michelle - hey, good to see you here again - I hope you're feeling better?

Tooners - no way...two of my three pairs of slippers are from the US, bought within the past 3 years...

Anyway, even though I learned the white rule in the US, I think it better applies here where it is still cold in April, whereas in TX I remember it was like summer in London!

As for your heels and short skirts rule - it is a rule to be followed here amongst girls who go out to get drunk, and not just girls but even women in their 30s and above about breaking rules!

Steliano Ponticos said...

by jove i have the worst cold today. i am really happy that colors are back in fashion and really happy to see michelle here again

Olivia said...

Ah Pauvre Steli +( So it's your turn to have the dreaded summer cold.

"by jove", funny you saying that! :P

As colours are back in fashion, does that mean you will start wearing something other than white?

Steliano Ponticos said...

by poseidon sometimes i wear very flashy blue i always try to include something from current fashion in my clothes so i will wear something with lively colors that is sure but white remains my preferee and almost all my closet is white

Leilouta said...

No white pants if you're fat.
No socks with high heels.
No red lipstick with blue eye shadow.

Chris in MB said...

I really should not comment on fashion.
My whole wardrobe consists of black tee shirts, black jeans, black work boots, & black socks. In the winter, a black duck winter jacket & a black toque.

I guess I just don't like to attract attention to myself. I also claim to be utilizing passive solar energy when it's cold.

When I'm really fashionable or it's just very hot out, have one grey tee shirt.

Olivia said...

Steli, by Neptune! (you should have said, since Jove is Roman)

You're right, your style has changed - I remember what you said about the doll I designed on Jello.

Leilouta - ewwwww. All three of those are good ones, specially the socks, I keep seeing the socks thanks to ready-made images on your site. Oh what terrible pictures I will see behind my eyelids as I fall asleep...

Chris - LMAO! Whoohoo, a grey T-shirt, I bet that one gets the entire town nattering behind their curtains. Imagine if you flashed around in a white one, the old ladies would probably faint.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have ever paid any attention to fashion rules....
I go for comfort and cute.


tooners said...

the slippers aren't here in bahrain.... haven't seen any. wish they had them, but it'll prob be a while, i'd assume.

yeah, the girls here love to wear high platform heels w/ short skirts. but, the girls wearing the abayas always get me. here they are covered but wear the hooker shoes underneath. that was really odd for me to see at first... now, it's such an every day sighting you don't think anything of it.