Tuesday, June 06, 2006



I hate computers, I hate the internet!

I love computers, I love the internet!

(Why is it whenever I do that love/hate thing, I think of Gwyneth Paltrow in the scene in Emma: "I love John. I hate John"?)

I have been over at 20six, where we have undergone a major and long-threatened platform change. Everyone is wandering around in the dark, bumping into each other, in a daze, rather like beached whales, and whatever related mixed metaphor you care to apply.

What's more, my laptop is still cutting off or hanging at the drop of a hat. And if I look at it the wrong way, it loses internet connection too. I came very close to dashing it to the floor and jumping up and down on it, but that wouldn't benefit either of us.

I haven't been around for the most part of a week during my temp job because I haven't yet figured out a work-life balance. I guess I haven't developed the stamina.

And you know what? It's not easy getting back into the swing of things!



Prerona said...

from time to time my inbox gets jammed by 'unrepliedto' mails, as i am really bad with replies. suddenly, i panic and sit down and reply to all of them, in a frenzy of typing. happy with myself i sit back and relax. then i hit refresh and theres a bldy new mail in the inbox. unbelievingly i ht refresh again and theres another, and anotehr and another till wha i am right where i started ...

get the connection? u will get rid, they will come back. or new ones will take their places

this was wonderfully written by the way :)

tooners said...

i have this love/hate relationship myself. what errks me is when i'm typing a blog entry and then it disappears... or when i spend all this time typing an email, hit send and something messes up and i lose everything. that is the worst! i want to smash it to the floor myself and "kick" it into little pieces! :)

MattJ said...

Computers, phones, blackberrys, dvd players blahblahblah. Everytime a new technology comes along only one thing happens. You geta new type of guy who comes to your house to fix shit that's broke.

Roxandra said...

Have you tried getting rid of your spy ware? If not go here. http://www.lavasoft.com/
Its easy and free. Spyware can slow down any computer and your virus programme might not even catch it as its not classed as virii.

Anonymous said...

Well, Miss Olivia...

I'm curious as to how you have been all this time that I was absent from Mo'time deeply involved in my surrealistic existence, lol.

Between you, Merserene, InMyLife, and Lil Miss Red Balloon I have a lot of reading to do.


P.S. Lovely picture of you.


Steliano Ponticos said...

blogger isn't doing any better..my post came out completely distorted..you can still read some answers to your comment-post

btw i think work life balance doesn't exist! at least i have not found it yet.

Rebecca said...

Ah, the secret is to live through your work as well!

Turn that around: working forces you to impose a schedule on your life, so organising your free time becomes easier because you have less options. You know exactly when you are free and where you will be and then you just plan according to that.

Btw, sorry was quite mad last week (just to dispute the above), but what time do you get off work this week? We can do a drink or alternately lunch, Friday?

froggy said...

I think most of us over at 20six have nearly recovered from the almost destruction of our blogs. Most of us are still shifting between loving it and hating it.

As for work life balance. Pah! If you work then there really isn't enough time to get much of a life in and if you don't you can't afford to have much of a life. I'm sure you'll get it all worked out in the end.

1 sweetie given

Olivia said...

Huh, so the comment I left for ALL of you last night is totally lost - Blogger was acting weird and I reloaded it a couple of times, but no show.

So, here we go again:

Prerona - are you still on dialup? It must be tough!
And thanks for the compliment :)

Tooners - I bet this happened to a few people who tried blogging yesterday. Later I came back and got a message that said Blogger was down unexpectedly.

Matt - and we cannot live without our gadgets. Mind you, I forgot my mobile phone today, but decided not to go back to the house to get it. Didn't miss it, and didn't get any messages while I was out.

Rox - thanks for the tip. My System Mechanic already takes care of spyware and malicious software as well as many other things, but I may try that one out.

Alohalani - WOW, you're back, when I had given up all hope!
Welcome back!
I thought of you so often over the past few months and hope to see you around again.

Steli - nothing worked properly yesterday. It's all getting rather silly.

Rebecca - it will be useful to have my time narrowed down a bit. As it is, my friends probably take my free time for granted.

Anyway, in my failed comment yesterday I said I was not working this week and was free Friday lunchtime, but actually I am not as landlord has since given me an assignment. Don't give up - also we have to do the Arts Club this summer sometime.

Froggy - well hello you! Actually, I'm a little afraid to go to my 20six blog, and I have received no comments today.

Thanks for the only sweetie I've ever received on Blogger :P
FYI, I have just eaten a small pile of Haribo Gummi Bears. Mmm they are nicer than they used to be!

Steliano Ponticos said...

d'ya see that, for two days now I can't open my comment section...maybe I will start writting posts here, like how about a long one now

Olivia said...

Yes, Steli, I have been trying to comment on your post about my comment for two days now! +(

Maybe I should group share one of 3 blogs that are not on blogger...