Thursday, June 29, 2006

I was

I was going to do a good blog here, but I am falling asleep. Since finishing dinner after 10, I've been catching up on all the blogs I didn't see today.

Still don't understand how poeple who work full-time can also blog...

Worked for landlord today, did lots of things with giant files and boxes and folder and was so tired that I knew I would break something if I went into the kitchen. So I ordered Thai delivery and proceeded to drop each carton upside down on the carpet - see? - but thankfully I caught the lids in time...

I had told Steli on his site that I was going out afterwards to buy some Tiramisu, but forgot, and when I remembered, the shop would have been closed. Steli, however, did buy some tiramisu, and as much as I enjoy the one I buy, he is in France and I bet his is better. Well, he did say the French win every time.

France wins - best food
France wins - worst government
thatkind of thing...

Oh see, I blogging half asleep!


I felt like a Victorian. I changed 4 times today!
1) Started out with white t-shirt and brown floppy trousers.
2) Got really hot doing some work, so went upstairs to put on a tank top and white capris (dug out of the laundry basket - all capris in wash - I am wearing skirts this weekend, looks like...)
3) Put on a long-sleeved gypsy top with capri jeans (only one not in wash) to walk across the neighbourhood to the Thai restaurant, as it got a bit cool and breezy, but changed my mind and called out for delivery instead.
4) So after dinner, changed into a pink tank top to go down and make my tea because I was feeling hot again.

Seriously sleepy now. It's almost like "need an hour's nap before I can drag myself off to the shower" kind of sleepy...

Nite nite, peoples.


Prerona said...

wow - i am SO sleepy last few days! forget blogging can barely manage the essential activities of the day!

tooners said...

i change like you do sometimes... depends on how hot i am and my mood. i've never had thai food but i've heard it's good. is it spicy? i blog at work mainly. if i stayed up at night and blogged, i'd be dead tired most of the time. sometimes i get online during the weekend, just depends. sometimes on friday's, like today, i get online to read and comment.

MattJ said...

I mainly blog at work too. Thai food rules, especially the green and red curries :)

I managed to sleep before midnight last night I can't emember the last time that happened! most happy! And feeling great for it, much less bad tempered than yesterday (As can be seen from my posting lol!)

Olivia said...

Prerona - exactly, and I slept 10 hours! I always do that after physical work.

Tooners - Oh you can make Thai food as spicy as you like, but it's so fragrant, the flavour combinations are like nothing you've had. Chili, cilantro, spring onion, peanut, lime. These were the flavours in my glass noodle salad last night. I ummed and ahhhhed all the way through it.

Matt - I can't do the Thai curries - as you can see from my comment to Tooners, those are the flavours I like, and I also eat the chili and basil recipes with rice.

Love their spring rolls too.

Rebecca said...

Ahem... Hi, Liv... Steli... what just happened here? France has better tiramisu? I am sure the French tiramisu is probably about equal to the English - Tiramisu is Italian, and is very much an italian specialty that not a lot of foreigners have fully grasped yet.

My friend Elena and I used to make tiramisu at Uni (in the US) and people would say "Wow, this is even better than tiramisu"... No, this IS tiramisu...

Olivia said...

Becks, don't get yer knickers in a knot!

I was just assuming that desserts made in France are better than those made in the UK.
Since none of us are in Italy at the moment, I was leaving it out of the equation.

My mother and I used to make Tiramisu at home too, and never left out the liqueur.

Another reason I said his might be better: The tiramisu I've had in London Italian restaurants have not one ounce of alcohol in them!

MattJ said...

Pah! Stoopid furrinahs! lol!

My Ex had me try lots of different foods and for the most part I love trying new things but I have never cared for delicate and exotic delicacys for dessert. If I have it at all I have happiest with a nice Apple and Plum crumble with cinnamon ice cream.

I don't care that I am a philistine - I love starters and mains and will try pretty much anything once but I've never been in love with desserts with tiramisu being one of the key ones whos appeal escapes me.

*FLAME ON!* hehe

MattJ said...

Hmm. I don't know Liv, the Green curry is pretty fragrant if a little tricky to make (think I have one relatively successful pop at it once). Lots of things going on in there. ;) Very sopicey though :)

lunaliar said...

There are a few good Thai restaurants in my neighborhood, but the best discovery I've made lately is an Indian vegetarian restaurant and Krishna temple called Kalachandji's. SOOOO GOOD! and the dining room is fabulous because it's open air!

Rebecca said...

Hmm. I just don't trust the French. They french-ify everything so Lord knows what they do to tiramisu. Do you know the story of how tiramisu was invented (every food in Italy has a story).

No offence Steli, by the way. The Italians can't do French food either.
Actually, much as I hate to admit it, Italy and France are just two sides of the same boulder crashing in an avalanche.

Leilouta said...

"I changed 4 times today!"

Hahahaha...I used to change about 10 times a day.
Olivia, seriously, I would love to see more of your outfits. Pleaaaaaaaaase... How about a whole post of just different outfits? :P

I love love love Thai food!

tooners said...

ummmm, you guys are making me really hungry! there's a girl that used to be a hairdresser who has now opened a really good thai restaurant here, i've heard. maybe we'll try it ... maybe even tonight! ;) the hairdresser to restauranteur makes me wonder tho... but she's thai, so maybe it's really good. my husband's bro swears by it. i just know i'm hungry and this isn't helpin'!! :)

Olivia said...

Matt - You Pilistine!
*throws flames*

delicate desserts be savoured, relished...

Luna - enjoy on! Temple food should be good.

Rebecca - tell us the story of tiramisu, please.
And I like your boulder analogy.

Leilouta - I took a photo of my outfit today, just for you :)

Tooners - well, I hope you do go soon, and tell us about it afterwards.

DO YOU KNOW I was tempted to pick up my dinner at the Thai restaurant - vermicelli noodle salad...again!

But I am soooo tired from walking in the heat, for so far. My head hurts, I am drinking eau, and lyig on my recliner wating for Doctor Who to come on.
Nearly fell asleep in the train.

How are they playing tennis and cricket and footie in this heat?

Rebecca said...

Well there was a chef whose brother was ill, and he wouldn't eat anything, so the chef thought "I will make something sweet and light, that will be easy for him to eat, but also substantial so that he gets some proper nutrition and something to give him energy"
So: coffee and liquer, eggs and sweet cheese... a real "pick me up".... (tirami su, in Italian) and the brother ate for the first time in days.

Olivia said...

Oh perfect recipe! Tirami su, now it makes sense.

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