Thursday, January 19, 2006

Did you miss me?

Did you? Huh?

No, Liv has not disappeared. She went to work today! And pigs did fly!

Yesterday I had that interview remember, with the agency and they liked me loads and are happy to throw me in rather than demurring like others at my so-called "lack" of experience. My wonderfully gay agent said I should get out and do the London office thing, and he thinks I have excellent experience, thankyouverymuch.

He called me at 9 this morning to help cover reception and the post room at a management firm in deepest Mayfair. Nice people, nice place. Very friendly and there was Molton Brown handsoap and lotion in the loo. Yeaaaah...

I had to wear a suit, so spare me. There were two of us from the agency, but they only wanted me again tomorrow, ahem! But I can't go in as I have an interview for a gallery position. (Fingers crossed, thanks!)

I ate a little lunch at Pret a Manger and enjoyed the Piccadilly people-watching. Types are entrancing.

Unfortunately, I missed yoga - I am sooo disappointed. My day ended as yoga started, and it turns out there was nothing to do between 5 and 6 anyway. So boo hoo.

I consoled myself by going off to my club the next street over, picking up the January events calendar and having a cup of tea at the snug little bar upstairs. As I was flipping through their Christmas photo album, I spotted a pic of me at the Masquerade ball.

Having rested my weary tootsies, I went off to M&S and snagged myself a gorgeous size 6 dark brown calf-length skirt suit with matching blouse. Also a black jacket, so I don't get caught out again - mixed black with dark grey today, shame on me. But I was in the middle of finding suits to fit me, that's all. I gave all my square American suits away ages ago.

I really can't spend money on anything more costly than M&S at the moment, and they do fit nicely, though someone usually gets there before me and buys all the petite sixes. I know you girls will agree: It's so exciting to try something on and then let out a gasp to see all the lines falling in a perfect fit....


In other news, I received so many compliments on my parents over at 20six that I fell in love with both of them all over again, and spent a while leaving messages on their phones. Surprisingly, Dad called back and I was breathless with awe and we had voice hugs. But still waiting to hear from Mum...


Continuing the happy people theme, Jia Li and I were reunited with Blue, who has been taking exams since December. She was happy to be back and soaking in the delightful back and forth that Jia Li enjoy.
Then before I could say good night, Blue, bless her heart, posted a pretty thing for me on her blog. As I write this, they probably think I've gone to bed like a good girl, but I just thought you all deserved this nice update beforehand.

So OK, time for beddy-byes now so I can wake up happy and not be in a rush for the gallery interview.


Anonymous said...

OH, all kinds of exciting things happening here. All best to you livvy. Kepping my fingers crossed and saying a few little extra prayers.


Rebecca said...

Oh cool, and best of luck with your interview today!!

Olivia said...

Thanks ladies. I'm back. They like me.

rebecca said...

Back at work or called back to the interview?

Olivia said...

Back home. :P
More on Monday, though.