Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Um, a title? Here.

Went to the interview today. I was one of the only applicants to get 30/30 on the spelling test. The girl before me got 17.

They are trying to fill a position at the local hospital here, so they were rather pleased that it's so close to me (5 minutes' walk?). What savings I will make on travel if I get it. I hope to hear from him tomorrow.

I spent £30 on 3 very pretty items, that had originally totalled £120. I like Principles!
And at Zara, got 4 very preppy items for £20, which would have totalled £70. Also a pair of girls' size 14 cargo jodhpurs for half price at £8.
These sales are amazing.

Yes, I am a girls' size 14...


You've seen my Daddy, so it's only fair you see my Mumsy too.

I used to call her another Jane Eyre because she was ahead of her culture and her time. She used to devour the books in Latin and history and civics, and take tea with the Argentinian ambassador. She didn't want to marry like her sisters did, to spend her life serving her husband. She used to perform a sort of social equality program at her first job in Bookers department store. She would sell necessities for pennies to people she could see were in need, and recoup it by overcharging men who came in to buy baubles with their mistresses.

Aged 22 in 1967

She worked for Revlon and Elizabeth Arden, and even toured Guyana as a ta-da! rep in go-go boots for a soap company, and got into the paper simply because whatever her family did got printed. Small country.

Looking a bit beatnick and rebellious

Once she moved to England, though, after a stint hairdressing, she let loose and went into electronics and early computers. Then she'd get bored and push for promotion. She so wanted to work above men, and she was when she started training them.

Looks like a Supremes fan or something, but actually she preferred dancing to Dean Martin and Nat King Cole.

When she had me, feminism went out the window and Dad took care of us. EMI begged her to come back and held her job for a year, but she said: Nope, I have my baby now.
I tell Mum that she was born to be a mum, and she should have had 100 children because she has more than enough love for them all.

I love my parents, and I wish they were still together. What they had was perfection. Equality in everything, understanding, and deep love. Every time he came home from work, her heart fluttered. There was something in the way they looked at each other. Holding hands in middle age everywhere they went. And lots of laughter at the dinnertable. They met in 1975 and were together for 28 years.

This I will have one day. And it will not end.


MattJ said...

Awesome! you have the legend that is Beat Takeshi on your today's birthday! I love that guy. I've only seen Zatoicjhi, Boiling point and the outstanding Battle Royale (the book is even better as usual) but he has sucha dead pan way about him it;s outstanding. Especially in Battle royale, his performance is a brilliant counter balance to the frantic violence of the movie.

The way you speak of your parents speaks volumes about them and the way they brought you up liv, sometimes things happen that you have no control over. Seems they did good by you no matter what they were going through so that speaks equal volumes for them. this is from only scant details of course but there is no bitterness about the break up when you speak of it so that says to me that they handled you the way parents should handle their children. First.

M. said...

I love seeing old pictures of people. That "Supremes" picture is awesome! You look a lot like her in those pictures.

Keep up the optimism, girl. Your parents' relationship gives hope to many out there!


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

its been too long i haven't been here....
wish u r OK.....
I'll be back very often now .. i nearly finished my exams OOOOO :)

Olivia said...

Thanks Matt - the 3 of us formed a very close and loving family right into my 20s.

Mers - a touching thought and I thank you for it.

Bluuuuue - So good to have you back - and to be chatting as we are right now. Hope the headache gets better. You need to rest after all this studying.

Olivia said...

Bit quiet around here. Everyone seems to be moving slowly to 20six.