Monday, January 30, 2006

My wanadoo internet connection is not working tonight, but through the wonder of modern connectivity, here I am. Well sort of. I can post from my phone until I turn blue, but can't see it! (Insert feminine expressions of frustration here) So you know what I did? I wrote cards to four special people!


Prerona said...

its v distressful - or it was for me - when ur suddenly thrown offline like this!

but, with the net we hardly ever write cards and letters.maybe one day, even real, offline relationships and friendships will be out. scary thought! i'll go write a letter today ;)

btw, its REALLY cold here - subzero or almost zero during the night - all this week!

Jia Li said...

thats nice!

Rox said...

I hate when my connection breaks down. I almost feel crippled. How fast one can become used to something that is actually relatively new. I mean I've had broadband for some time now and even going back to dial up is agonising now. Yet not so many years ago a 56K modem was regarded as so fast! Hopefully your connection will soon recover :o)

Steliano Ponticos said...

i have wanadoo too. it goes down often too. at one time i wanted to work for wanadoo actually. Is this comment very wanadoo or what.

Steliano Ponticos said...

I finished the last exams of my life..or maybe the ones before the last..its great

Olivia said...

I hope Prerona did write a letter.

I wrote a 5th card yesterday afternoon.

Rox - I really hope I can always stay with DSL.

Steli-mr-wanadoo - I never had this problem before. I'm surprised you do, but there, it's France ;)

Steli-finished-exams (do you like the new name style, the way you do it on 20six?) - CONGRATULATIONS!
But we will encourage you in the next few months while you get your PhD.