Friday, January 20, 2006


My day had started out so well, but it went downhill once I got home and performed the

10 Point Check:

1) Have been trying all week to contact Internal Revenue because I am missing something important. All busy numbers.

2) So I emailed IR and they gave me a list of phone numbers. Oh no.

3) I called a wrong department just so someone could pick up and I could yell at them. Even worse, she gave me one of the same numbers I've been trying.

4) Finally got through!

5) Suddenly they have a problem with my NI number, so they told me to call NI.

6) Called NI who put in a confirmation ready in 10 days but by then deadline for tax will be over. So they told me to call the Job Centre.

7) Called what I thought was my local Job Centre but may have been in Scotland. She gave me the number for my local JC

8) Called them and must go in Monday for immediate confirmation of number,

9) Which means I have to call my nice temping agency to tell them I won't be available for work because I will be

10) Waiting in long queues at the Job Centre

Which is exactly what I had avoided doing now that I got work! Bugger. All for nonexistent money that I haven't even earned! Bugger.



M. said...

I love bureaucracy!

Anonymous said...

Whhaattt???? Why do you need to go to the job center?


Jia Li said...

u need a hug

Olivia said...

M - it always wins...

Vanessa - yes, apparently that's who deals with NI numbers (same as SS#) - the UK oversimplifies its public office names.

Mich - thanks, here's a hug back

Anonymous said...

huck. hope it all works out.


Olivia said...

Yep, have an appointment for it today.

Rox said...

How did the appointment go? Hope all is well now. Having/Had trouble with the NI number myself. Bureaucracy...