Friday, January 13, 2006

A non-Italian Friday

First order of business: to thank Jia Li for sending me an enveloped filled with such pretty things!
This and a handmade thank you card (for the diary I sent her for Christmas).

Thank you Mich!

Let's see, what else? No more coughing, it is 99.98% gone!
I went for a long-overdue haircut today at my favourite salon in Knightsbridge. My stylist is Italian, I have found so far they are the best. Stefania gives me the most suitable cut. And that's not all, one of the juniors, who is Korean, gave me the best hairwash I've ever had, not to mention the shiatsu head massage. Her fingers must be worn to nubs.

When I arrived, there had been a minor power outage, so the kettle and fridge didn't work, but once my hair was washed it was up again with most of the lights, so the manager practically begged me to take some tea and I relented ;)
She made it for me on the tray this time, and there was the usual Jaffa cake alongside.

Afterwards, I spotted a nice pair of boots at Walk.

This would please my mother very much because when we were in Italy, she was disappointed that I had not bought the cool Italian boots we were looking at. I didn't because whenever I am out shopping with Mum I subconsciously measure her reactions to any items I consider. As she didn't encourage me, I didn't go in and try them on.
Back at the hotel she said, "Why didn't you buy those lovely boots?"
I said, "Because I needed your permission."
She replied, miffed, "You don't need my permission to buy anything!"

Well, yes, I do. I can shop alone, but when I am with the Mumsy, I need her approval for my purchases. It's just a mum-and-daughter thing. My landlady knew exactly what I meant when I told her. (She has a daughter my age, except she's married with a new baby.)

I tried them on later with my Ralph Lauren moleskin trousers and then had to run downstairs to make a cup of tea because I was choking on a Swedish roll. While I was there, my landlord came into the kitchen and commented that I looked very "horse-ridey" and had I been riding? I said no.
Then he returned to the living room and I overheard him telling landlady:
"Have you seen Olivia...blah" etc.
But later wondered if he meant ever, or just today, because I did a bit here when I was little, and more in Texas when I was older. Western riding is sheer torture for me and I prefer the English saddle position.

I certainly do have a tough grippy pair of waterproof black leather boots that are great in the snow and I don't doubt they'd be good on a horse too. I pinched them off my Mum when we were in Canada two winters ago so she had to get a nasty pair of snow boots, hehe. And as she's nearly two shoe sizes larger than I am, I have to stuff these with insoles and wear two pairs of socks.

A few years ago, I asked my Dad what I could take up that he regretted not doing. He immediately said, "Horse riding."
It's a valid question, I mean he has ice skated, danced professionally, modelled, flown a plane, been on the original Avengers, hung out with actors and artists (his brother was a high-so. portraitist), gone shooting, dated a Rothschild, been on a Top Secret missile project, worked on the first Concorde design in France....

One of my friends and I once exhausted a list.
"Have you done [this]?" Yep.
"How about [that]? Done that.

The only thing he hasn't done is been on a submarine. I think...

I have a lot of catching up to do!


*Hmph* The Arts Club sent its newsletter this month by Adobe email attachment...Which means that to book any activities (and oh there are so many!) I have to print it out myself. *grumble*

They have a new head chef - the Club's kitchen is already renowned across "clubland" for its excellence - even my landlady agrees because her club (which is homeless) has held events there.
So now they've hired this chef who studied under Michel Bourdin, and has worked, among other places, at the Connaught Hotel, Waterside Inn at Bray, Gravetye Manor, and Goldman Sachs. Ew well, excuse me.

If you're wondering why invitations have not been forthcoming: They're not doing Sunday roasts until March. It seems everything comes to life in March, including the whole of Italy, whereas London never really sleeps.


Jia Li said...

whooo hooo

I got a mention on both!

I feel so lucky

M. said...

A lovely drawing, and those are some hot boots! Couldn't you have gone back to the stand/store to buy the boots in Italy?


Olivia said...

Jia Li - yep, unoriginally it is the same post on both blogs.

Mers - No...couldn't have returned to the shoe shop in Sorrento, we only had one shopping afternoon - and the hotel was in another town.

Jia Li said...


Anonymous said...

Nice boots!!! I want a pair too, except I would only wear them for a week in texas.

It's about time your cough is gone.

Wow, I knew your dad had done a lot of things but I didn't know all of that. Cool.


Anonymous said...

Love the Machiavelli quote! It's a bit like, if you are going to kick a man when he's down, kick him so hard he cannot get back up again. Not very Olivia, but I like it...

Olivia said...

Vanessa -
that's why I didn't have boots when I lived there. But actually, when the temps are in the 50s why not? As it is pretty nearly here right now!
(YES the cough is now 100% gone!)

Oh, and it was Gigi who got my Dad to tell us everything he did, one time when she was visiting on Spring Break.

Anonanon -
how very funny, lately you've been telling me what sounds like me and what does not :P
Well, I don't choose the Daily Quotes. This weekend, Jerome K Jerome's was funnier.

Prerona said...

i'm back :)

hectic 3 week trip home to Calcutta! still dazed and jet lagged

how have you been?

happy new year!

Olivia said...

Hey Prerona - Happy new year to you too! Are you glad to be back?

Thanks for revisiting my blog :)