Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ooh Look!

...I didn't blog last night!

Well, I did a bit of a blurb on 20Six and I dare you, gentle readers, to go over there and see it:

Artmeliana: They Made Me Do It


MattJ said...

i don't know Olivia. Not posting on the sire I like to visit does officially make you a bad person I'm afraid! I'm only willing to forgive you because I read a post on the other blog about a lambb chop meal you made which sounded stunningly good. kind aren't I? All in all I think i prefer this site becasue of the layout, it's gentler on then eye lol!

Jia Li said...

I like both sites! And I read them every day.

Olivia said...

Matt - hehe, you like the lavender site. Well I'm not telling any of you to move over there, but I am giving you a challenge. I once told my 20six readers to come over here and nobody complained.
Jia - yes you do, even if the posts are identical - thanks ;)
But Steli seems to have moved over there exclusively, and when I told him they were usually different he got confused.