Monday, January 23, 2006

Storytellers [Addendum]

Tonight Jia Li, Blue and I had a round robin storytelling session. It involved us agreeing to meet up in Paris in the Jardins des Tuileries, eating ice cream and playing Twister, but we woke up and realised that was a dream which we each had simultaneously. We called each other about the coincidence and decided we'd meet in Paris after all.

We did eat ice cream in the park but didn't play Twister. Instead we went to the Tour Eiffel, but it started raining so we went into a cafe, fell over on the wet tiles and were rescued by two nice Parisians with whom we sat drinking coffee for hours. Jia Li ended up dancing on the table to the Casablanca soundtrack, then we skipped back to the hotel where we ate pizza and watched romantic comedies all night.

Then we woke up again only to find we'd been dreaming, but had somehow turned up in the 31st century. Jia Li tried to make supper but couldn't figure out the futuristic food preparation methods. Fortunately, I was still able to make a cup of tea for everyone. We went out into the city but there were no trees - had we been disconnected from the Matrix? Or had we stepped on mushrooms and entered an unending hallucination? [cf. X-Files episode]

Somehow we found a time machine in the bathroom, and fumbled our way to the 1950s where we lost our heads and ran around screaming, only to bump into our Parisian friends driving a 1953 Thunderbird.

Back to the time machine for us, but it ran out of gas so we landed on the stage in the middle of a 1990s Grateful Dead concert. Ran off screaming again when finally the Time Fairy got fed up with us, probably, and came to rescue us with 3 wishes.

*poof* So in the end we were dancing on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean with our handsome rescuers and one of their brothers.


Comedy, sci-fi, recurring themes, and romance, right there. And this was us writing while not feeling particularly "with it".
So, was the end a dream within a dream, a hallucination, or were we still in the Matrix???

Go to JL's blog if you want to read the original text: The Jia Li Diaries

Huge sigh of relief. The NI problem was cleared up yesterday. Today the IR problem went away too!
Hours of telephone run-arounds and referrals and transfers...I am becoming an expert...

So tomorrow I can go out and earn money again!

12.56 update:
No wait, I can't because I've received the gallery application from the agency and the deadline is tomorrow and I have to drop it off there. This is usually the sort of application that takes a few days, handwritten, with many revisions.

*Girds my loins for the long afternoon/evening/night*


jiali said...

spred the JL loveeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

love the story.


Olivia said...

Nothing compared to the dream this morning which was rudely interrupted by a phone call.

Rox said...

Oooh what kind of dream was it? Or is it not the kind that should be told? ;o)

Olivia said...

Oh I could tell you about it, it's a bit of a tease :)

Rox said...

What kind of a tease? Sounds intriguing.

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

i LOVED the story even more when i read it on ur blog ;) u summed it up in a nice way.. really

adult said...

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