Saturday, August 20, 2005

Connection Complaints

Of my younger friends, only the girls call me. Younger male friends, even my cousin, tend to hold off. Is there some unspoken age rule here? When I do call them, they are all there for me, but insist that I not hesitate to call them. After writing that, I suddenly grasped the thinking behind that...

Oh well.


The biggest rejections since I started applying for jobs:
1) Christie's
2) Sothebys
3) Bonhams
--And all for nothing more than admin assistant jobs! I wasn't even trying for cataloguer or junior specialist!
(Although I am now on their database with the promise of a call if something suitable becomes available. Yeah, right.)
The medium ones:
4) Thames & Hudson - editorial secretary
5) Rosenstiel's - publishing assistant
6) Selfridges - PA/admin asst
7) V&A - junior curator trainee
Then the small ones:
8) Lots of typing jobs
And finally, the two art history recruitment agencies who keep insisting it's a slow period, but every time I ask, assure me that they'll call if something comes up.


I love this site, and now someone's written about it:


Jia Li said...

You have to keep trying Liv. Where do you want to work? If you keep applying they will come to see that you really want it.

Pappy said...

Hang in their girl! You will get a job eventually, just keep trying and trying!

Mackin with Pappy

Olivia said...

Jia Li - yes I will revamp my CV and send it to all the same people.

Pappy - thanks!

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

hay oli..... i missed ya alot..
i was a bit buzy with some tiny projects..
anyways, i want you to read my comment on your Gaza's post on my blog and tell me wht you think.

I believe shryos asked you to listen to all sides of the story, and so i tried to explain abit the side he ment....

:) :)

and i'll try to reply on all your questions after wards *as much as my poor knowlage helps me well*

Anonymous said...

keep the faith!!!!
Do you do follow up phone calls?
Soon I will be going through the same thing.....looking for another job or a master degree.

Anonymous said...

Interesting article. cannot imagine, no privacy at all.

Alter Ego said...

I am hoping you land your dream job soon, Olivia. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Olivia, you are not at all suitable for lowly administrative tasks. You are not qualified for that. You need to enter at the level that you are qualified, namely evaluating fine art, not making tea, typing up letters and having your arse pinched. Such positions are not very frequent, so you might consider broadening your search for an appropriate job to Europe, Japan and the North America.
Another idea would be to look for a voluntary curator position at a private or small museum somewhere. Get yourself some years' work experience under your belt and it all becomes easier.