Monday, August 08, 2005

Two Haiku

As the storm rages,
lightning flashes bright as day.
I see everything.


Sunset threatens day
as the blackbird bids goodnight.
Sleep tight, feathered song.

Olivia Klonaris 1994


Anonymous said...

these are nice poems. they leave a pleasant image on my mind and I can almost smell the rose.

Anonymous said...
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Jackal said...

Good strong visual of the opening haiku with links to nature and being and also subtle hint of a re-awakening.

The second haiku gives a rich contrast of colours and alludes to goodbyes, endings and death as well as silence.

Olivia said...

Wow, Jackal - thank you for opening my eyes to my own poetry, and thank you for appreciating it enough to do so!

Randis said...

Erg. I hate analyzing things like that. It's very...hmm. I don't know. Very un-Tao. Not that I'm very Taoist, it's just almost painfully so.
I'm in more of a grim-poem writing mood, but I like these anyway.

Olivia said...

Hey Randis, thanks for stopping by.
I wrote these when I was your age. Guess I wasn't very angsty back then.

*mutters under her breath* ...Motimers...

Randis said...

Wait, huh? I'm angsty all of a sudden? Grr...
And motimers love you, why can't you love them back?

Olivia said...

I do love most of them....not sure about marauding thugs, though!

Randis said...

Hrk. I was a marauding thug for one post, and because someone told me to be. Unfair!

Olivia said...

OK, I take it back...So you've merely been downgraded to grumpy?

Randis said...

Yeah, that'll do.

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

Haiku..... ain't that the japanese way of writing poems?!
i love how they thought of it in the 1st place.. looks charming really..
and your oli.. i liked the 2nd one better..... :)

Olivia said...

Blue - yes, Haiku is Japanese. Line one must have 5 syllables, Line two 7, line three 5.
I ought to find some pretty Japanese illustrations to add...

Sean Redmond said...

Strictly speaking, haiku should have 5-7-5 kana, but since Olivia is writing in English, syllables will have to suffice.Ißm sure that Bashou would approve, regardless of the language.
Youßre second haiku reminded me of Emily Dickinsonßs poem, ßAt half past twoß. Sorry about the ß instead of apostrophes. Linux is breaking me in. Anyway, it runs something alongs the lines of:
At half past two, a single bird
unto a silent sky
Propounded but a single note
of cautious melody.

At half past three, experiment
had subjugated test
and lo, her silver principle,
supplanted all the rest.

At half past seven, neither
element nor implement be seen
and place was where presence was
circumference between.

Olivia said...

Hey, Sean! Welcome, welcome! I wondered when you'd finally make a comment. You were probably only waiting till I mentioned something Japanese. :P

Thanks for the haiku knowledge and the Emily Dickinson. I like the first verse because it made me laugh.

Where is Michelle, have you heard from her?