Monday, August 15, 2005

Doo Dah La La

I couldn't think of a title.

Visited Vanessa's JP's blog the other day and cracked up reading one of the paragraphs:

Say, why not have ... as the new .com? That would be great to have a ... on the end of your web address, it entices people in. Like instead of you would just type in amazing... and you'd have to wonder, what's so amazing? Nothing, by the way, it's just some guy's website. And if your web address was wdot, you would tell people, "check out my website, www-dot-wdot-dotdotdot. Or if you did morse code you could be dotdotdotdashdashdash... (SOS!)


My shortest poem (circa 1999):

Sur les pieds glorieux
Les martyrs crient pour la foi
Mais le roi est sans douleur
Baignant dans son decadence.

If it sounds odd, that's because it is. Part of a small challenge in which we were each limited to 20 random words. Fridge magnet poetry?

I don't want to translate for you because it won't sound as good and I'm too matter-of-fact. If someone feels like giving me a lyrical rendition I'll be more than happy to post it :)


Boo hoo! Delightful failed his 3rd driving test today :'(


Jia Li said...


Jason said...

I must say....I have never even heard about any of the drinks you have been writing about in your past posts. The bars there must have more specialties than the ones here do!

Sorry about the driving test. My dad said he had to drive over in England once. The car was a stick, and being on the right side and driving on the left side of the road really threw him off! Does that happen to you over here?

Anonymous said...

what? third time? He should come over here and take his test. He'll pass with his eyes closed.

Your poem made me think of the french revolution.


Olivia said...

Jason - no I never got confused while living in the US - I had momentary doubts when I came back a couple of summers ago and last winter, but the correct instinct was stronger.

Vanessa - the poor lad has to wait another 3 months before the next attempt. We saw a Corvette the other day and he wants to hire one when he visits the US (!)

Jia Li said...

oh now I know who we are talking about, thx for telling LIBBBS...

I mean, I go to wrk for two weeks and now know nothing...

Caesura said...

On feet of glory
The martyrs shout for the faith
But the king is without sorrow
Bathing in his decadence

Olivia said...

Hey everyone, round of applause for Caesura.

Caesura, take a bow.

Anonymous said...

Hey, C...I was going to translate! *pouts*

OMG, O, don't you dare get in a car with him. Three times? London isn't THAT bad! I miss London. I miss Europe.

So, that is why you were late? A new blog?



Olivia said...

Alohalani - so did C do a good translation?

I will definitely get in a car with Mr Delightful. Everyone fails the first time over here. The second time, his instructor had bought a new car. The third time, his instructor had been on holiday for a few weeks.
Hey, my best friend tried 8 times!

Yep, new blog. Did you see it?