Friday, August 05, 2005


The Graduation video is up and running on the Glasgow University site. You'll need Windows Media Player.

Here's the schedule:

00.00 --- Anthem tutorial
03.00 -- Fire procedure
04.53 -- Waiting
06.30 -- Anthem & Faculty Procession
08.55 -- Opening prayer
10.24 -- Presentation of D.Phils
After 11.55 -- Presentation of M.Phils - I'm number 7
57.55 -- Sir Muir Russell's speech
After 01.09.04 -- Closeup of me! (front row, 3rd from right)
01.00.14 -- Benediction and Exit


Caesura said...

Hi ~O~!! For some reason the video didn't play on my computer. I will try on one of my other ones. It's fun that you are in it. I'll let you know if it works on a different computer :)

Thanks for everything.

The Talking Mute said...

Wow,this is the first time I've seen a graduation where you sing the anthem in Latin. I only get to that in Church being a Catholic.

Olivia said...

Caesura -
I hope it worked on another computer.

Talking Mute -
Thank you for watching! It's all in Latin simply because it hasn't changed in over 500 years.

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