Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Joining Blogger's Anonymous

Hello, my name is Olivia...and I am a blogaholic.

I joined Mo'time (Your Eyes Only) because they lobbied really hard for it. I think they want me to stick around to keep the sanity levels somewhere near normal. You'd know what I mean if you visited...

Last night I gave in to the 20Sixers and joined; they've been asking for months. Ostensibly I joined to make commenting easier and to give and receive "sweeties".

I couldn't resist, though....I have put up a fun new blog over there. It's very pretty, and there you may - no, will - see a side of me that doesn't come out in Blogger.
They were all lying in wait to ambush me. I've got comments coming out my ears over there!

So my friends, take a peek and be prepared:
It's called simply Artmeliana.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how I will keep up with you. Three blogs is pretty impressive.


Olivia said...

Yes but V, now that you've read my Motime, it rarely needs checking.

The 20Six is easy, fun and brief.

Blogger is still my main "thinking" one, although I must admit 20Six is so EASY to use.

Jia Li said...

wow, u are blog crazy

Chintz said...

20six is the best. YAY for joining!

Olivia said...

Hey Chintz, thanks for popping over!

eruditebaboon said...

See - 20sic is the friendliest blog site in the world! We rule!