Sunday, August 07, 2005

Sunday stuff [Edited]

Am blogging now merely because I have run out of things to do before going out this afternoon. Oh yea, The Tears concert at Somerset House. They're Delightful's new favourite indie band.
Going to hear "Apollo 13" and "Your Imperfections" live, let's see how that goes.



So today I ran errands at a leisurely pace, which I deserved after feeling not so good last night.
I went to the cashpoint with not a soul in sight. Then it got awkward because as soon as I took out my card all these women and children appeared behind me. The numbers on the keypad are so large and my hands are so small.



I once had a waking dream in front of my computer, up till 7am writing a philosophy paper.
One minute I was typing, then I saw a boy and a girl leaving a shop, then I woke up and Microsoft Word was staring back at me.



Oh, last night I had a sort of Skype conference with JP (in San Diego) and Vanessa (in Houston). It was true multi-tasking and not quite what we were designed for logistically, or logically. It involved headsets, speakers, headphones, earpieces, mobile phones, and typing. He even blogged about it near the end of our chat and I was able to read it before bed.

I think I will tackle it. JP Skyped me while he had Vanessa on his mobile phone with an earpiece. I have a headset but was thrown off everytime I spoke because he had speakers so I had to talk over myself, and it was a bit embarrassing to hear what I actually sound like to other people.
(For instance, I was surprised to learn that I emphasise the t's and d's at the end of words more than I'd thought. Hard as I tried, I never lost that English public school accent I grew up with, though there is a tiny detectable Texan twang - Hey, say that 5 times fast.)

While we waited and talked, Vanessa downloaded Skype, then we realised she had no mic, so she could only hear me but would type her replies to me - either that, or JP would repeat her. And because JP had his earpiece on as well I could hear when she spoke but not what she said.
On top of that, while we were on, a colleague called JP and he forgot to mute himself while they talked so Vanessa and I remained silent and typed nonsense to each other while we waited.
So bottom line is, V needs a mic and she promises to get one ASAP.

Oops, time to go!

EDIT: Disappointingly, no concert last night. It was cancelled due to the father of one of the band members passing away. Delightful, poor lad, was ever so crestfallen because the point was - Somerset House is such a special setting.
So he had a proper tut and moan and I contributed a there-there-it's-alright, and then we pulled our socks up and improvised a Plan B: Leicester Square to catch a flick. (Kingdom of Heaven)


Anonymous said...

oh dear, that was a blast and very multi-tasking. will get the mic soon.

up til 7am? sounds like a UST paper for Rebard. right? I remember having done something similar on several occassions.


Alter Ego said...

And I thought I was dorky. LOL!
Another intellectually inclined, charming, dork to add to the ranks of women I'm beginning to admire or admire. Loved the waking dream.
Loved the "though there is a tiny detectable Texan twang - Hey, say that 5 times fast.)"
P.S. By now you know it's me Alohalani from mo'time.

Olivia said...

Rebard - I've been trying to remember his name for ages. I loved how he taught philosophy.

Anyway it wasn't for him - it was a Theology paper for Fr Callum, probably the one on "De Incarnatione" by Athanasius - I got into such a flow with it. I bet Fr Kelly didn't make you all read that!

Olivia said...

Alohalani/Alter Ego - yes yes yes we get it now, it's you :P

Is dorky in reference to the philosophy paper? I know that would catch your attention because you're a "Blogitas ergo es" kind of girl!

Kris said...

How was kingdom of heaven?

Olivia said...

Welcome Kris - although by Ridley Scott, it didn't have the same emotional impact as Gladiator - however the visuals were certainly comparable as were the "Wow" moments.

Anonymous said...

did you know Fr. Callum is now head of campus ministry. you are right, didn't read that with Fr. Kelly, but read all kinds of other stuff.

Olivia said...

I am so glad, Fr Callum is a dear. I think he will live to be more than 100!