Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wednesday Wamblings & Music

I love London, it's a(n) [insert positive adjective here] city! But sometimes it just SUCKS. Literally. Money from your hands. I spent nearly £70 yesterday on a week's worth of groceries, stationery, and water filter refills.

I saved a whole 64p yesterday at Waitrose buying two laundry softeners on special. Woohoo.
And gave it back by splurging on a gorgeous block of Italian butter (Beppino Occelli). It's been over a year since I last did this, but it has a flavour non pareil.

(I need a job!)


Olivia is a naughty girl. She has put aside her brown bread this week in favour of a tray of chocolate chip and crème pâtissière brioche. ...Ahem...
Anyone in the mood to nag me about this?


Looky what I found. New music I like, that I can share with you!

Athlete - Half Light (Media Player)
Love the effects.

Supergrass - St Petersburg (Media Player)

This is the one I wanted to hear last Sunday:
The Tears - Apollo 13 (Quicktime)
You've GOT to wait for that Apollo bit!


Anonymous said...

no nagging, we shall be naughty together.

Rebecca said...

Oooh, Beppino Ocelli is superb butter. And you deserve it.
That AND the patisserie. And even an ice cream!

Olivia said...

Vanessa - Oooh, what have you been eating? Or do you want some of this when you come over?

Rebecca - ah, of course you'd encourage me in this dissipation! Hm, I do have some ice cream in the freezer.

the_aussie said...

When you're not blogging...what is it that you do?

Olivia said...

Welcome, Aussie -
As I said above, I am currently looking for a job.
My profile describes the last couple of things I did: an internship and a Master's degree.

Do you blog?

Anonymous said...

I'll have whatever you are having. This past week, i have had too many chocolates and birthday cakes - three in one week.