Saturday, August 27, 2005

Learning Curve

This is what I have learned:

To one: Don't hold back - it will save a lot of misunderstanding in the long run.
To the other: Communicate - and try to understand - before making a decision.

  • If you like someone, tell them so.
  • If you admire something about them, compliment them.
  • If you want to hold their hand, take it.
  • If you want to kiss them, go for it.
  • If you want to put your arms around them, reach out.
  • If you want to ask a question, go ahead.
  • And if you want to discuss something with them, take a deep breath and jump in.



Randis said...

...but it's hard. Expecially when you aren't supposed to.

Alter Ego said...

This is an amazing reminder to strong enough to take a chance. Um. I decided to do this with Mr. Gorgeous Polynesian. He now has the keys to my house. For as long as he wants them. I also just rented an extra parking space because he has been coming over often. I'm not expecting anything, just immensely enjoying both his companionship and affection.

I wouldn't have this special person in my life (for however long that may be) if I hadn't told him straight out (risking rejection) that I liked him very much.


I'm missing your company, dear Olivia.

Olivia said...

But Randis - I am talking about when you are supposed to ... and don't.

Alohalani - You took a risk, and reaped a reward. Enjoy yourself but I hope you don't get hurt.
Haven't seen me in a while? Don't worry, I have been going out this holiday weekend.

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

amazingly amazaing oli......
o ya,, just do it..

you know one thing i learnt after i lost a dear friend:
if u feel good about someone, just say it right now.. just say it without any cliches or decorations..
for you'll never know when is the last goodbye...

wish to c ya well as always and for always

Olivia said...

hugs to you too

Jia Li said...

congrats liv, u figured it out

randis said...

That doesn't help me. My only option is to wait until I can say anything.
And it sucks, a bit. A lot. As in tearing the **** out of me.

The Closet Grandmaster said...

When are you not supposed to randis?

GuineaPigPower said...

Hey, yeah, Olivia---

You can NEVER feel badly, no matter what happens, when you absolutely hold NOTHING back!

Throw your heart out there on the floor and dare them to stomp on it!

They might. (And it might be a bit messy, with the heart beating around gushing blood and all, and getting dirty on the floor like that.)

But dammit! The heart heals. And when your gamble pays off--- you'll forget all the times you've been hurt!

Olivia said...

But Jia Li, it took me long enough :(

Randis - of course I didn't factor in the "waiting" part because in my case the time was always right. When your time comes, you will be ready.

Olivia said...

GPP - yes I am jumping in!

Jia Li said...

no, you needed that to learn from. Now u know better!

Hows the job?

randis said...

closet grandmaster - When they're with somebody else. Who is a complete dick, along with everybody else.

O - Yeah, maybe. Hope so. It feels a lot longer than it's actually been, is all.

randis said...

Whoops, I meant 'everything', not 'everybody'

Olivia said...

Jia Li - I start tomorrow.

Randis - waiting is the hardest part. Time passes sooooo slooooowly. I understand.

Rebecca said...

Hey, who said you could let so much happen while I was gone?!

Congratulations about the job, that is great news, for a serious accomplishment and long-term satisfaction!! Nice one!

And I'm so sorry about the boooy! What happened? At all coorect-able?

All the best!

The Closet Grandmaster said...

Check this out. Your fellow blogger.

Olivia said...

Hey Rebecca! Welcome back! Yes, I forgot to ask your permission before allowing all of this to happen.

The job is just freelance, part-time. Still looking for a "real" one.

The boy? *sigh* I can but try.

Olivia said...

Closet Grandmaster - you're all about chess, so who's this?
I love the photos. Better than any I've seen yet!

The Closet Grandmaster said...

I have no idea who it is actually...but she is a fellow member of a sydney photobloggers group on flickr.

Anonymous said...

great conclusion!!! Just remember everything for the next time!!!