Monday, September 26, 2005

26-9 Sidebar

The first day of commentary on my really interesting sidebar bits. Everything comes off the top of my head (or even talking through my hat) so please correct me where necessary.

Pedagogy - a bit of a grand word for modern usage, and I still envision some venerable old Grecian philosopher declaiming his knowledge on the steps of the School of Athens. (cf. Stanze delle Signatore, Vatican)
Although with the ped- bit, I have some friends who are much more pedantic than I. Comes from the Greek paideia meaning education or learning.

Postmodernism - ahem. The reason I did not take the contemporary arts course...

Singh - means "lion" in India.

L. Frank Baum - authored Wizard of Oz. Hence the quote from a scarecrow: "The only people worthy of consideration in this world are the unusual ones."
Possibly related to my post a few weeks back when I mused that even mediocre people have friends who think they're special. So how do we define unusual or mediocre?

Matchup - does anyone do this? I keep getting them right and that frustrates me because the challenge is removed. If you need the exercise I'll leave it up.
--- Boredom and mediocrity are anathema to the more discerning members of the human race.

Quick factoid from Ardal O'Hanlon: People laughed an average of 18 minutes per day in the 1950s. Today it has gone down to about 6.
One of my mottoes: Any excuse for a laugh these days.


Rebecca said...

Hey - Saturday in South Ken, did you view any sales? I was working upstairs in the office, how funny. Our sales are on view every week.

And Post-Modernism makes my stomach turn and I feel depressed for the world.

Evviva Manerismo!

Olivia said...

Bellissima, I totally forgot you worked weekends.
We did not view but I'd love to see the art nouveau/art deco sale - 4th and 5th October at 1pm!

Mannerism, really...? I can see that - you could *be* in a mannerist painting.

Rebecca said...

Uh... is that because I am distorted and a mockery of forms of beuaty? Hmmm...

Mannerism is more interesting

MattJ said...

Kind of followed a series of links to get here, so hello! Liking the blog, particularly the trivia and quiz side bar, very swish! Being a professional Geek I should probably do something similar, but that'd be stealing so can't now. (thanks for the excuse). I did get the matchup thing right too. Anyway, I'll try to remember to pop back from regularly, despite your Dido selection ;-). Will check out The Tears, Suede are one of those bands I always used to listen too but never owned any of.

MattJ said...

I really should double check things before I post. That grammar is terrible!

Olivia said...

Rebecca - OK, don't get your knickers in a twist. It's just that some of the poses you strike are reminiscent of Mannerism.

Matt - Welcome to my blog!
Wouldn't be stealing, it's all free Bravenet web master-type goodies. That's it, I have been tipped over the edge of Geek.
Yeah, check out the Tears, you'll like them. They were supposed to play at the Somerset House Grolsch Summer sets but cancelled.
We look forward to seeing you again sometime.

Anonymous said...

Good point from Mattj - Dido makes me want to smoke crack!

Rebecca said...

He he, knickers in a twist. I love that expression.
Plus, cool: I take what you say as a compliment. I know my grandmother will agree. She says I look like a Parmigianino!

Olivia said...

Anonymous - I am ignoring that comment.
And watch your mouth on my blog! I have just not ignored your comment...

Rebecca - are you on your fancy new state-of-the-art bells and whistles machine at home now???
Hehe, isn't it lovely when you are compared to a style? My dad says when I cry I look like a Botticelli!

MattJ said...

Yeah that crack comment did go a bit far. Bit of a wild variation though, Rob Zombie to Dido.

Still, nothing wrong with an eclectic mix, I have everything on my PC right now, never know what Winamp is going to throw at me!

If you're liking Classical Guitar Music, check this guy out: Goran Sollscher. Am a bit of a random when it somes to music, a friend lent me an Album this guy performed on Absolutely fantastic, just a single guitar for most of it and beautifully played. Just wish i could remember the name of the album, sorry!

Incidentally, you might want to put your settings to only allow registered users to comment and put the word verification on. It'll stop 'anonymous' comments and also stop people offering cures for back pain, debt relief and tips on horse maintennance

Olivia said...

Matt - I am in stitches! Have to admit, I know my uncouth anonymous commenter quite well. Next time I see him he will get a proper telling off.

Thanks for the tip, but I don't really have a spam problem and it wasn't fair to make my friends enter those loooong codes.

I do quite like classical guitar. There's Dominic _____? (played with Sting) and the other John Williams. Will have a look at Sollscher, thanks.

I've been through all the CDs except Suede, and I know I like them already.

Jia Li said...

hey keep it, I like the matchup

Anonymous said...

Would love to join in this, but there are far too many long words and I can't keep up. :-(

Good luck to the rest of you though. :-)