Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I've just put in the DVD Closer. I swear, Jude Law looks just like my uncle Lawrence, just take away the glasses and give him curlier hair!

So where was I? Last night I watched Head in the Clouds with Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz. It's about a love triangle in the late 1930s and WWII in England and Paris.

Tonight, Closer.
Oh, and next, Alfie. Two Judes.

OK, so there is a sordid internet chat scene in Closer between two strangers. (That doctor fellow is detestable throughout.) Anyway, it's related to a thought I've often had about the people you know and trust - they could be replicating that scene any day. It has happened to someone I love and resulted in a huge life change.

This is a scary intense movie...I am suddenly watching drama with new eyes.

Sometimes I think the Internet has necessitated and generated more lies between people than ever before. Broken more marriages and ended more relationships...with its lure of wholesale wantonness and profligate availability.

Was that a life moment?
Maybe since I started blogging the moments are no longer as intense feelings as they once were because they have become words.

Maybe...if I stopped blogging I'd be a more intense person...
Maybe...this angsty post belongs on Motime...
Aie! This was worse than politics. Sorry. But - policy of Olivia: I never delete a post.

And every time I accuse my muse of abandoning me, I blog twice!


Jia Li said...

ooh never seen closer

randis said...

Not that I agree with you. But, would becoming a less intense person nessacarily be a bad thing? Being overwhelmed, is not good for you. Look at Hemingway. Slightly intense, yes? And wrote like the madperson he was.

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOOOO, you can't stop blogging. Not an option!!!! More intense?? Maybe, but who needs an intense person anyway? does he?


Olivia said...

Vanessa - I wasn't really thinking of quitting - though the thought had crossed my mind a few weeks ago.

Randis - I can't afford to lose any of my intensity. But perhaps I should have used a more effective word...
Hey you're right. I don't think I could handle more thoughts than the ones I already have. I mean, look what I wrote about those life moments.

Or perhaps I want to ensure my focus/intensity intended for daily life and human encounters isn't being diluted by my blogs.
Vanessa - you remember how outgoing I was at university. However, a lot has changed since then; I am more pensive and want some of the fire back! I miss having public responsibilities (psi chi).

Rebecca said...

We just watched Amores Perros the other night. I had seen it before but had forgotten its intricacy and intensity. It's pretty heavy - but I recommend it.

I don't know why I just thought of it, it has nooothing to do with this post. Except that it is a movie.

Olivia said...

Grazie Rebecca!
Note to self: Start a list of recommended books and movies. Will I ever catch up?

Anonymous said...

catch up? I never did and probably never will.

public responsibilities? Any possibilities you could get involved with the club you joined?


Rebecca said...

Oh yeah - lets start a canon, open to contributions. We can be really snooty and elect ourselves as judges as to what passes and what no. Or we can just let anyone add whatever. Which would be nicer. I'm in a nice mood today.

But seriously, it could be interesting.

Olivia said...

Vanessa - but you have read all of Jane Austen, and all while I wasn't looking!
It will be enough just to be a member of the club, then I'll stop complaining.

Rebecca - are you talking about book and movie recommendations? It would be interesting, and I too am in a nice mood today. Go for it.

Rebecca said...

Definitely, books and films. A canon of all the greats. For whatever reason. Ok, I'll let you know

Anonymous said...

yeah!!!! I can be a member of the club.

MattJ said...

Just scrolling backwards here and noticed you watched Alfie. A remake. It's one of my favorite rants which I may go into my blog now it's reared it's ugly head again! Basically I object to people being paid for being lazy. Why remake an already brilliant film? It's not a 'reinterpretation' or a 'homage' or an 'update'. It's laziness, pure and simple. Now remaking terrible films, there is a worthwhile endeavour. Amytiville horror, first time round was OK, new version a lot better. War of the Worlds? Terrible both times, so no loss. The Ladykillers?........ actually this is for the blog, I'll spare you the tirade!

Olivia said...

Matt - Go for it in your blog then.
Sometimes with remakes I take them independently, no comparison, on their own merit.