Saturday, September 10, 2005

Soulful Saturday

After going to bed at nearly 4am (what's new?) I actually woke up at 9.30am!

Lunch at Maison Blanc and then off to St Alban's for V and me. It's barely half an hour north of London from King's Cross. I'd been on a Christie's field trip to the Abbey and Verulamium (the Roman town) but because it was raining we didn't notice a thing until we got inside the cathedral.

We walked through the bustling market place and grabbed a snack barely 2 hours after lunch, which we ate on the grass behind the cathedral. We went into the walled herb garden and I (figuratively) rolled around in the lavender, rosemary and sage while Vanessa chased bumblebees with her camera.
Then we regrouped and went in for Evensong at 4pm. We sat in the Quire, and to see and hear the choristers reminded me why I want my son to use his voice, for have one he will if he's like my grandfather (and maybe me).

Every setting and anthem was perfect, all from before the 18th century. I was touched when they sang Psalm 16, but by the time they got to Psalm 17 I had to get out the tissues.
(I have not been to an Evensong in many moons.)
After that we wandered around the cathedral looking at the crumbling Saxon wall frescoes and Gothic groin vaults, catching artistic photos in interesting corners.

Soon we struck out behind the cathedral onto Verulam park. Duck pond, Roman Wall, pretty bridge. It is a beautiful and peacefully rolling ground in low Hertfordshire. Nearly a world away from London.
Cheeky ducks, naughty geese, majestic swans. We ended up all the way out at St Michael's Street all the way on the other side of town from the station, and then turned back, getting to the city centre via Fishpool St.
On my first visit to St Albans, I'd thought it was a nice town, but I hadn't seen Fishpool St. It is now one of my favourites anywhere. Even cuter than Friar's Walk in Richmond.

By 7pm we were on the train back to London.

We walked over 7 miles total. Oim toired.
V wants to go to Cambridge tomorrow.



JP said...

How's it going? My parents are here now, so I'm not online much this weekend. Drop me a line, stp.

Jia Li said...

have fun you too! Now Liv if u think V is bad for miles, wait till I visit(I hope soon)...I love churches, photographing interesting places, walking,no HIKING! Markets, shops, galleries and more...

Olivia said...

JP - V emailed you tonight and tried to call a couple of times but you must be busy with your parents. Have fun!

Jia Li - hey! You know I walk an average of 6 miles. But yesterday I realised I was tired out by all the walking up hills for 7 miles!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a full weekend! Nice one

Pigeon Poo said...

So you're one of these Christians, are you Olivia? Which type?

Jia Li said...

ok ok

Anonymous said...

*does a run-by hug*

Just wanted to say hello!