Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bits n Pieces

Missed me, didn't you?

But before I start, here's a thought: anyone who is mediocre has friends who think they are outstanding.
So...who is what?

Another troop in single file
These march to while one marches fro
An army imbued with mediocrity

Mercenary pirates-to-be

This fishtank needs restocking


I'm afraid of the little memories I will find in the folded papers in my purse...


Does it cost £1.10 to go two stops from SJW to Finchley Road, but only 30p from SJW to Hammersmith with the change at Green Park???


Back to my old habit, here I end on the best note with a comic I used to enjoy in the US:
Mutts - they're too shweet!

P.S. Guess where I'm going for lunch tomorrow? Lord H's new house!


Jia Li said...

cool, I never understood bus systems. Then again I always got those month passes that were good for bus, rail and tube.

and why do I need a word Verification?


Anonymous said...

enjoy lunch!!!
cute comic!!!

Jia Li said...

hey V. I heard you are going to L Town. I wish I could come to. To met you. Have tons of fun, take loads of pics...

and livy. Show her a good time, but I know you two will.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone told you recently that you are adorable? Well, you are!