Sunday, September 25, 2005

Cut it close

I managed my double-booked Saturday just fine.

I met Miss Sixty at South Ken for lunch; we wandered around looking for a restaurant that appealed to us and ended up at Tootsie's. It was full of families with well-behaved children, just enjoying a pleasant weekend afternoon.

We ordered a delicious starter of calamari - I adore calamari and have the habit of trying it where offered. The sweet chili sauce had an exciting dash of coriander in it.
Miss S ordered a lamb burger which was so thick it fell apart as soon as she looked at it. I had a chicken caesar wrap.
All very filling.

We popped into Christie's SK for an auction calendar, then caught the bus and went off to her apartment in the old King's College campus. I saw her happy doggie Zucchero, who was so excited to see me, and we horsed around a bit like old playmates reunited.
She made me a cup of tea and we sat on the floor going through her music collection and listening to CDs.
I returned the Umbert Eco book she'd lent me earlier in the summer (The Name of the Rose) so she lent me the DVD. I have lent her The Tears debut album, so she lent me one of her Suede CDs because The Tears was formed from the Suede breakup. They sound identical and unmistakeable.
So for my listening pleasure I have borrowed 7 CDs:

The Matrix soundtrack (unfortunately not the score) - so lots of Rob Zombie/Marilyn Manson
Scissor Sisters - don't know which album without the insert
Josh Groban - Josh Groban (he was in a late season of Ally McBeal)
Dido - No Angel
Radiohead - OK Computer
Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
Suede - Coming Up

When I left, she took Zucchero for a walk in the cemetery, and I joined the multitude leaving the footie game at Chelsea. They were quiet, orderly and well-behaved. Why?
Because no buses came, I walked from the King's Road, up Fulham Road, to South Ken. There was no Jubilee line so after waiting to get on to a succession of full buses at Baker Street, I finally made it home at 6.30 - on time for the housemates' dinner. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we decided we would reserve the dining room for housemates' dinners about once every few weeks. New tradition established.

Clogs was absent because he couldn't postpone a visit to Cambridge, so Y. had invited a friend of hers from her postgraduate years. She has spent the past few years writing her PhD in economics. She's had enough and is going to finish it soon. (If I were her, I would opt for a mercy killing.)


Jia Li said...

who is Y? I should say which roomate is that?

Anonymous said...

oh you snob!

Why shouldn't football fans be
"quiet, orderly and well-behaved"????

Shocking that one so usually considered should revert to such tired cliches.

Shame on you!

Outraged of Highgate

Olivia said...

Jia Li - Y is the one we were trying to nickname lavender/baby powder, remember? Sorry we couldn't chat earlier, I was on the phone.

Dear Outraged - ummmm I have been told off! Me a snob? Kettle and pot situation here.
This is why: I grew up in Wembley remember, where the hooligans would turn up smashed and pee over our fence.

So who lost yesterday???

Jia Li said...

no probs dear Libbs...

and ewwwwwwwwwww, the people who lived near the Galic Stadium in Dublin had the same thing...they were always in the newspapers bitching about it...

Anonymous said...

ouuuu, you got told!!!

I am surprised at your choice of Radiohead. Did you like them? To come think of it, I only remember one song by them.


Olivia said...

Vanessaaaaa - have you not been keeping up with me since I came back to London???

Olivia said...

Actually, Martin's Ministry of Sound and compilation CDs were just the beginning. As were the radio sessions in my dad's car. Remember when I had it for 6 months, and after my internship I'd park in the the driveway at the house with that awesome Bose stereo cranked up? Blast him, he doesn't even play the radio in his car!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to keep up with all the music you listen to.

Anonymous said...

I've neglected you and your blog! My life is hectic and I beg pardon for my lapse. I enjoy reading about your day(s). You HAVE a life (I don't)... I aspire to a lifestyle similar to yours. Am I forgiven?


Olivia said...

Vanessa - I dip my toe in here and there from time to time.

Alohalani - Hey, of course I forgive you. You think I have a life now? Just you wait till I do get it started!
Come back soon. ;)