Friday, September 23, 2005

A Palm Pilot...

...or a personal secretary? Is that too much to ask?

I've started double-booking myself! Aaaaaarrrrrgh!

Problem 1: On Wednesday I agreed to see Shiho on Saturday afternoon, but as I did so something didn't feel right, until I realised after hanging up that I had the housemates' dinner that evening.
Solution 1: See Shiho in the day and go home for the dinner.
(Keep in mind that average travel time anywhere in London is an hour, so afternoons get eaten up pretty quickly.)

Problem 2: Today I booked my second Alexander Technique class for Tuesday morning, again the nagging feeling. I had promised to see my grandmother that day just in case my uncle's widow turned up as she said she might. Might being the operative word here.
Solution 2: Go to Amma in the afternoon?

Problem 3: Friday I have a free makeover at BeneFit in Selfridges, merely for owning one of their products! Does anyone know if I have anything else to do on Friday?
Solution 3: Find somewhere to go, since my face will be all prettied up!


I went to the Alexander class today. I now have a headache because I have been subtly realigned.
I was complimented for neatly summarising exactly what an AT instructor would say to define the technique and its benefits, and for being aware enough to "catch myself out" with bad postural and mechanical habits. Apparently that is rare.
Furthermore, relieved that I had studied anatomy & physiology so he didn't have to translate his terms, the instructor searched for the freedom of my spine, kept setting my head on that plateau: the sternocleidomastoid muscles - the large muscles on the side of the neck - are NOT supposed to support the head and are not even needed to turn it.

I was stood on my feet, sat on a stool, and laid on a couch, all with proper alignment. I had to think about it, be aware of everything around me, and do the allowing so he could do the moving. For the head, think upwards. Even when you sit, don't just slump into it, instead you have to still think upwards as you bend your knees and sit, straighten your knees and stand.

What's the word? When something is at its most efficient setting?
Oh for heaven's sake - and I used to be the walking dictionary - oh! Check out my new activities sidebar --->
I did it for some of you especially, hope you like it.

...Optimal. That's the word.



Jia Li said...

love the new sidebar, I did really well on the match up

Anonymous said...

You will always be my walking dictionary.

randis said...

Ugh, I can't stand posture. This guy would have a field day with me, I'm sure. Not that I'd ask for it.

Rebecca said...

Oooh, games, fun!

Jia Li said...

hey Liv go to Blues Page, she has this really cool quiz.

decor resources said...

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