Thursday, September 22, 2005


Minou minou minou....oh my Muse where are you...?

Hm. No answer.


If you've come looking for a new post, I am not sure if you will find one. But I might surprise you, specially if I keep up this stream of consciousness lark...


Last year I bought The Bloomsbury Book of the Mind by Stephen Wilson. I devoured it, but have recently picked it up again and might as well be reading it for the first time!
It's the sort of book that will take about 3 reads until any of it is absorbed into my repertoire.

I kid you not, Delightful must be the first self-generating encyclopedia I have ever known...I am quite likely to be contradicted on this, as some people can be shockingly modest - but I have met some high IQs in my time and I know what I am talking about.


Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

looks pretty interesting..

Olivia said...

Blue - the sky or the book? ;)

Anonymous said...

love the pic. Is that London?


Olivia said...

Vanessa - Yes. Spotted it from my window one evening in July.
That's about as colourful as it gets in the London sky.
Skyped with JP last night, told him you were obsessed with sunsets and that you should become a photographer of sunsets.

Anonymous said...

Can you make a career out of that?

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

mm... then u oli ;) ;) :P

actually i meant the book


Hello Olivia,

I have been reading off and on various postings of your blog, but never got round to leave a comment. Living in Karachi makes life in Bloggerland difficult at times. There are frequent power outings, patchy internet connections, slow download speeds. I am sureH you get the picture.

It's wonderful to see slice of your life in London - so different from mine right now.

"Minou minou minou....oh my Muse where are you...?" That ear candy has been haunting me with its melody for days.

I wanted to comment on your side bar too. I play your little kingdom each time I drop by - so far I never got 5 out of 5 at the Match Up. :(

Today's "Article of the Day" mentions Rudyard Kipling's "Kim,". Have you ever read this novel? It has been my companion since I was a teenager. I even take it along when I travel the subcontinent. Believe it or not it is one of the best travel guides I know about India.

Now, isn't that too much of a coincidence?



PS: I linked your site to mine

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Olivia said...

Hi Helmi

Thanks so much for dropping by to comment, extenuating circumstances allowing! I thought your name sounded familiar - I've seen it on Motime.

When I wrote "minou" I had in mind the call used by Manon, the little French goatherd in Manon des Sources (sequel to Jean de Florette) - have you ever watched them?

I have not read much Kipling, apart from "Just So Stories" as a child. After a certain age I grew into other 19th C authors. Did he write Riki Tiki Tavi? I have read that...

Welcome back anytime.