Thursday, September 29, 2005

Good morning, starshine

I saw the sunrise!

Big deal eh?


Yesterday before I left the house I saw something out of the corner of my eye running from my recliner towards my bed. It was the biggest spider I'd ever seen and elicited one of the loudest shrieks I'd ever produced.

It had long hairy legs.

I grabbed a glass and covered it, then slipped some paper underneath and carried it down to the kitchen. I left it on the counter with a note for my housemates to enjoy, and when I returned this morning it was still there. I had hoped, at least, that Clogs might have thrown it out...So I dealt with it myself, and was surprised to find that I could not kill it. It was so big, I would have had a body to dispose of, so I threw it outside.


And here, I am so proud of my cufflinks. It was part of yesterday's Mayfair outfit.
I wore them for the first time and showed them off a bit to Delightful, who has more than enough of his own and therefore cannot understand why I find them so fascinating.
He thinks these are girlie links because they are pink, but look aren't they pretty? (shell mosaics) I got them at Tie Rack. There, now you know.


Jia Li said...

You know I was tring to figure out what that was, in t5he first pic, a really big spider...ewww.

I vacumm em, suck them up...if they are that big...

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

i hate spiders.... GOSH...
in ur case i'd only freak out and scream till my brother to come and handle the matter..
i won't even dare to place a cup over it .. :S

i like the color of your cufflinks..

Olivia said...

Jia Li - I did vacuum one up a couple of weeks ago but this - this was a champion!

Blue - I hate spiders too, and for me to have picked this one up (rather than mashing it with the flyswat) was a real award-winning performance.

Next colour: blue

Anonymous said...

oh nice big spider!!!!
Remember at UST when we had a big one in the room? And Ramzey heard us all the way down in the quiet hall.
Did I tell you he is back in town?


Olivia said...

Hahaha! I remember that now! But I thought it was a big ole cockroach.

merserene said...

Yikes! A daddy-long-legs! There are, unfortunately, a lot of spiders around here. Better than cockroaches, that's for sure. Still, you go girl!

Olivia said...

Vanessa - P.S. Yes you said Ramzey was back in town getting his MBA or something.

Merserene - welcome back. Spiders and cockroaches, both would survive a nuclear holocaust. Both as evil as each other, some spiders bite and some cockroaches fly.

Anonymous said...

never trust anything that flies without an engine or feathers...

Olivia said...

Anonymous - you are the anonymous-est commenter I have *ever* encountered!

Anonymous said...

cockroach/spider, they are all in the same family of nuissance in the household.

yes, Ramzey is getting his MBA.