Friday, September 16, 2005

[Exeunt Summer]?

Today we are in the grip of what the Yanks call a 'Norther'. Blustery gusts rip the air from our nostrils as we walk, wrapped in insufficient summer layers, dodging the leaves rustling around on the pavement. Taken by surprise, all our warm clothing is still packed in suitcases under our beds.

Last week we were sweltering in welcome late-summer temperatures and now this. The sash windows are back to rattling in protest....Is summer over?


I enjoy writing - won't say I love it. I used to write letters in my head in the Days Before Email. Now I write emails in my head, in the Days After Letters...

Thinking out loud here:
You know they say you should keep what you love as a hobby; you need an escape from work.
Writing something you're inspired about is easier than writing an assignment. Unless, of course, it's your own column or book.

I give in...I am being encouraged on all sides to find a writing job. Art history would be perfect. Ah, now being a food critic was the latest idea and that stirs my soul. (Thank you especially to Sun young, Delightful and Vanessa.)


I don't want to lose myself a spot at this place, but have you ever heard of Danceworks? Wow to the nth degree!
Any dance you can think of, they offer as exercise. Yoga, Pilates, ballet, kickboxing, salsa...the list goes on and there are some I have never even heard of.
They also have an attached holistic therapy centre called Natureworks. Massage, counseling, osteopathy, the Alexander technique.
Monthly membership goes'll never guess...£7.99! Individual classes range from £4-10. They have been there since 1982. Why have I never heard of them before?

I might start with the Eyerman technique, to find out where I need improvement on posture, breathing, alignment, tension, stress. Then perhaps the Alexander Technique to work on them because if I'm not handling myself properly and start a dance class I'll do more damage than good.

Yoga would be good for my breathing and flexibility but I will not subscribe to any of the mysticism attached to it.
Ballet...I have regretted giving it up for so many years and it chafes me every time someone tells me I have a dancer's body.
A couple of friends have encouraged me to learn tango; I do need to learn how to dance. Maybe I'll just do tasters until I find a style that floats my boat.

Nothing high-impact for me and my little bones, but I do need to work on cardiovascular endurance, muscular tone, bone strength - and overall well-being :) :) :)


Randis said...

I'm a Yank (right?), and I've never said nor heard that in my life.

I'd like to learn some sort of dance somewhere along the line, but I'd feel weird learning on my own.

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

awww! i wanted to learn tango as well.. or may be salsa..
go for something abit dancy to double the fun instead of yoga.. :D
and keep writing ;)

Jia Li said...

I suggest Latino dances, I like the Mambo and salsa...great wrkout!

Flamenco is great, so is belly...ballroom...I love smooth dances...the fox trot is a fave...

Anonymous said...

I vote for Tango!!! I think it would suit you because it is classy, and sensual (two meanings here). Mind you, it started in the brothels of Buenos Aires.

I wish I could take some classes with you. Swing sounds good to me.

Maybe you could convince someone and have a Delightful partner take a class with you.


Anonymous said...

hey, watch out. I checked out the site for dancework and they say no joining fee but I found a line where it says "one time joining fee of £59". Maybe they are doing a special discount for this month. Just ask lots of questions when you are signing up.

Olivia said...

Randis - you've never heard of Yank? Maybe it's because you're there and not here.

Blue & Jia Li - eeek! Too much to decide! I will try to make it to the open house tomorrow.

Vanessa - what can I say? Apparently he doesn't mind dancing but would worry about a girl who was addicted to it! (That's you.)
The joining fee is waived for the month of September, yippee.

Randis said...

No, I mean I've never heard of a Norther. Maybe you mean noreaster?

Anonymous said...

But I can't help it!!!!! At least it is a good addiction. right?


Olivia said...

Randis - they definitely used Norther in north Texas. It's a bitterly cold wind that clears the sky of any clouds.
I think a Nor'easter is a blizzard.

Vanessa - Yes, you could have a worse addiction.