Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bon Voyage V

Vanessa flew home this morning. Because she would have had to get up at 5am, she didn't bother going to bed. So neither did I, except for an hour while she showered and packed.

This is what it was like being her roommate for nearly 3 years. And it is amazing, the things you find to do in the wee hours, and I still haven't retrained myself. Apart from writing essays or reading chapters, there was: Downloading from Napster (this was back in the good old days); singing with all my heart; hanging out in the lounge where everyone else was studying, and distracting them; dragging them out for waffles and pancakes at midnight. I would sleep properly, in blocks of time and maybe catch an afternoon nap. V often slept on her textbooks - if only we could absorb knowledge through osmosis, eh? - then wake up and read for a few minutes, sleep again, and so on, until her alarm went off. Egad!
(Yes, Vanessa, you will laugh at this and is there anything you care to add?)

Next thing I knew, I heard a chipper voice: "Good morning, Miss Olivia!" and opened my eyes to see V zipping up her suitcase. I had to go down to let her out the front door and see her off into the drizzle. Looks as if she took our summer away with her. As if Houston needs any more of it.

I didn't get much sleep after that, so spent the day feeling half drugged. Went grocery shopping in a daze. Napped in the afternoon, and then felt even weirder. Ever had one of those days?

I am going to put my latest pictures up soon, so keep your eyes peeled...


Jia Li said...

I think everyone has had those days

JP said...

V says she has arrived safely in Houston. She can't get online right now, so I'm letting you know.

Olivia said...

Jia Li - well that's a relief

JP - thanks for the news :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, olivia, I am still laughing! It's so true. I wonder how much i really retained and how much i fooled myself!! I miss those good old days.

You didn't go back to sleep? wow! So what time did you go to bed? I got some sleep on the plane, then managed to stay up until 1am.

I miss you already. Hope we will see each again very soon.


Olivia said...

Vanessa - I did go back to sleep, but on and off, and when I woke up I automatically checked and you weren't there. Duh. I do the same thing when Mum goes.
Other thing is I rearranged my towels but still keep reaching for the wrong side!

Anonymous said...

oh, dear!!! sorry about the confusion.