Monday, October 17, 2005



My tongue really really hurts right now; I tell you this because I am eating an apple while blogging and it’s stinging. I burnt it severely on Friday night. Embarrassing story involving a long piece of steaming crispy chili beef which got wedged between the underside of my tongue and my cheek. It was stuck for about 15 seconds and I couldn’t get it out! A lady stopped to smirk at me afterwards as I sat there with my eyes watering.


Have you ever had a plane crash dream? I had my first frightening one on Saturday night:

I had a window seat in a plane with 2-3-2 seating, and the guy sitting next to me was a stranger. They were just serving drinks when we heard a crack, and suddenly we were plummeting nose first. Somehow, the stewardess was able to move around to comfort us and help us move into the emergency position: arms crossed against chest, head between knees. And then…she covered our heads with a blanket.

I remember thinking we wouldn’t know the instant we hit the ground, however, I was conscious and aware of the rest of the plane piling up above me, yet I was fine. In fact, we all survived totally unscathed and met up later at a bar.


Overheard: surprisingly deep one liner for a sitcom: Normal? What’s normal? You could waste a whole lifetime waiting around for normal…


Look, my secret project: Palazzo Olivia ;)


Jia Li said...

scary Dream...nice secret project...

randis said...

Never had a plane crash dream...last night I had a dream, I was on a cruise liner, and there were pirates, and they were beating up everyone I cared about and throwing them overboard into the freezing, iceberg-ridden water to be eaten by pirahnas. Yes, evil polar pirahnas.


Olivia said...

Jia - so how's your project coming along?

Randis - this may be related to your current falling-apart situation. You may feel hijacked in your dilemma with this girl and completely helpless in the face of it - specially as she's moving.