Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rainy Wednesday

Before I start: I want to hear your opinions on the difference between a movie and a film.

It's raining seriously out there. Well, we needed it and we can't complain as we've had quite a mild and sunny autumn so far...but it certainly doesn't help elevate the mood around here and I am feeling a bit queasy.

I overheard two women on the street talking about how warm it is for October, and they're right. We're nearly halfway through and the weatherman said that we were in for an Indian summer. But you watch, now that we're talking about it, the winds will change.


I have just sent my CV off to Laura Ashley. This is because I have a particular fondness for textiles/fashion/home decor. Last night, every time I closed my eyes, I came up with a new design for a top or a dress. There were 3. I can just about remember one. I should have tried to note them down. Wait, I just remembered another one.


Right, last night I nearly swore in the kitchen. I reached up to put a bottle away in my cupboard, which is above the dishrack. When I lowered my arm I smashed my elbow right into the handle of a pot, which was sticking out more than a handle ought to.

I yelled something, I forget what, and then huffed upstairs with my tray thinking, "That's it, I want my own kitchen and I want it now!"
When M&S are home, there is always a pot on the top rack. For the daily porridge, you see...

More at 33:

I haven't seen a glimpse of Y since she held our housemates' dinner the other week. I've seen Clogs a few times in the kitchen, splashing the water about as is his wont.

So, Y says that Clogs sleeps with his door open. She also says he sits on the stairs in order to poach a bit of next door's Wi-Fi connection. She has to step round him whenever she has to get up at night to go to the loo. All of this is immensely embarrassing to a Japanese female, especially as Clogs is also Japanese (and married) - I have no idea what level of traditional social rules the two of them observe up there on the top floor.
It's funny because when Vanessa was here, she ventured up that last set of stairs to take a peek and she said she saw a door ajar and glimpsed a pair of feet on the edge of the bed!


Yesterday the Polish guy who served me at the counter said, "So how long are you visiting London?" Imagine that, a Pole picking up an accent on me. I laughed and he corrected his mistake, but I did tell him that if he heard any accent at all, it's because I lived in America for a number of years.

Because I use Bond street tube, I usually stay on that end of Oxford Street. So after my Alexander class, I took a stroll down the other end of the street. I saw (the newly opened?) Urban Outfitters, so I went in. They played really cool music in there, but what an expensive shop for what it is! While in there I had a huge vibe on the stairs. It was a moment when I got a whiff of the shop smell, and that combined with the music and the overall edginess, I suddenly thought it had to be Canadian. (Confirmed yesterday when I chatted with my cousin in Ontario.)
One track came on, my ears perked up - and you know when that happens you have to find out what's playing. I asked at the counter, and they sent me to the DJ in the basement. With menswear there's an area called Carbon, where this DJ has 3 digital turntables (for CDs) a bank of 4 for customers to sample their selection of indie chillout/house/ethnic/electronic CDs. I was the only female down there - all the other girls were too busy with the overpriced clothing upstairs to bother.

So I walked out having tried out one of the cool turntables, and as the proud owner of East Rain by Shri. I listened to it 3 or 4 times last night and I am surprised that I didn't wake up to strains of it in my mind this morning.
Instead, I was dreaming about a white clay Meerschaum pipe which woke me up with a bit of a puzzled frown. And lo and behold, when I got up and turned on the TV, there was someone holding a picture of a dog smoking a .... guess what?


Jia Li said...

hmmm a movie and a Film... they are the same...oh maybe when I think of film...I think of a Indie flick and a movie to be one of those "BlockBusters."

Jia Li said...

sorry about eariler..MSN keep acting up! So sad :(

I got all those super cute emotioncons...

merserene said...

Dictionary-wise, they're synonymous. To me, however, they connote very different types of motion pictures: A film is a film, a classic that withstands the ages. "Gone With The Wind" is a film. On the other hand, a movie is what one calls "popcorn movies" - a summer blockbuster maybe, a light, fluffy work focused more on entertainment and eye candy.

That's just my personal perception and the images invoked when I say those words. :)

Rebecca said...

Maggie Thatcher'r birthday indeed, you wanna crash the Mandarin Oriental tonight? We'll put on our favourite Torie clothes.

... says the Republican from Swiss-land...

Film is an international word, the same in many languages, movie is English. I guess.

Olivia said...

I think we're all pretty close in our definitions and use them similarly.

Film is foreign, indie, classic, timeless.

Movie is blockbuster, hollywood, effects, eye-candy.

Anonymous said...

Okay. That was a bizarre post. LOVED IT! I adore it when you do of consciousness. Only you can dream about a Meerschaum pipe.



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