Friday, October 28, 2005

Why is it...

...with some people I talk too much, with some I talk just enough, and with others (when I most need it) my mind goes blank?

...all the people in the bank are annoying?

...Panadol doesn't sell an emergency, single-serving painkiller?

...Stephen Fry knows SO much?

...when I miss part of a programme and it's rebroadcast, I always pick it up at the same spot I did the first time?


Lines from QI tonight:

Fry: There are more molecules in a glass of water than there are grains of sand in the desert.

Fry: What do you get when you cross a camel with a leopard?
Jo Brand: A nice fireside rug you can have a good hump on.

Pliny the Elder thought that giraffes were a leopard/camel cross-breed.

A centurion was in charge of between 60 and 83 men, NOT 100.

In ancient times, the elephant "battle tanks" were only frightened by pigs covered in oil and set on fire.
Jo Brand: Is this how they discovered crackling?

Lake Manitou in Manitoba, Canada has the world's largest island in a lake in the middle of it, and this island has the largest lake on an island within a lake...


Jia Li: I bought my hair colour at Boots - Feria 3D bronze shimmer (a sort of golden brown which might be close to what you thought I should try)
Merserene: I got my yoga mat today! Na na nana na! It's niiiiiiice and it's black.

I found it at the Walk-in Backrub shop at Selfridges. It's thicker and softer than the others I looked at. Because my poor spine needs a little extra...
The part that I will always keep facing upwards is embossed at the top with the name "Wai Lana" and there's a fabric tab in the corner with the silhouette of a yoga pose.
Aaaand, it's not made of that nasty crumbly foam.
Best of all, it only cost 1 penny more than the thinner Gaiam ones in the sports department!
...But as usual, the price is the same number in dollars as it is in pounds, which means I paid double.
Apparently, Wai Lana is a popular Hawaiian yoga instructor who is now shown on PBS (America's Public Broadcasting Service). Her gorgeous yoga mat bags, in Chinese satin fabrics, lotus designs, hibiscus patterns, sell for just $24.95. I might be forced to buy a crappy mesh one here for £14.99 ($28).

On that note, I missed America today.
I miss:

discussing case studies
honeysuckle, jasmine and gardenia
the gas oven
my dad
big sky
birds singing in the trees and sunshine
did I mention driving?


Jia Li said...

aw, I send a bit of north america ur way

M. said...

Also caught QI last night - same thoughts stuck in my head. It's interesting that the angles of the show have gone more "they think it's all over" from "University challenge with fun-poking" and the joke-per-question quotient has increased. Still, is always enjoyable. [later caught Stephen on BBC1 on Jonathan Ross which was good - showing Fry's early University Challenge clips...]

There are many great things about the US to miss. I've only been there a couple of times, and only to California so I'm not going to make any sweeping statements of how everyone is XYZ... but... I know what you mean. Hummingbirds are wonderful things, and driving. I don't drive [yet - working on it] but such expansies of highway, and the sights. the views from the [dangerous] Highway 1 stick in my mind - but I'm a sea person. I've always been stuck inland but the sea appeals to me. The breathtaking beauty of it all.

Other things I miss - and these, sadly, are going to include foodstuffs.

Taco Bell
McDonald's Sausage+egg McMuffins, but with chili in them instead of sage
Clam Chowder
The friends I made
My Ex's grandfather's farm

I've never liked the "exchange rates" of items from anywhere to here. In this day and age you'd think they'd realise we can do searches, we have access to exchange-rate tools. We know we're being screwed on these deals. But. No. The companies go "They want them, they have to pay a premium."
It's never fair.

Helmi Holzheuer said...


Everytime I read your postings I wish a little more to do a tour of duty in London when my time in Pakistan will come to an end..

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

YES YES .. you mentioned driving before :P

you've blogged so much while i was away O.. :S

merserene said...

Congrats on the yoga mat! You got the same brand of yoga mat as my roommate did. :D She loves it too. In my yoga class, I've been putting the yucky crumbly foam things underneath regular yoga mats to give more cushion to my poor wrists. Haven't gotten mine but my class isn't until Friday. :)

Since I'm watching a traveling program about London, let me tell you what I miss about the UK -

Chelsea/S. Kensington
Bath & our B&B
Roman ruins
the museums
the Tube
"Mind the Gap"
the cute pub names
tea time
the countryside

I've got to stop before I get too depressed about not being able to travel...

Anonymous said...

i DON'T miss driving!!!!! I wish i could pass it on to you. I wish I could sleep, eat, read....anything instead of drive. you don't have to deal with traffic, parking, being 100% alert, staying awake when the sun shines on you and makes it really cozy....


Olivia said...

NEIL - on QI, Alan Davies' obviousness is actually hilarious.

I used to like the McD's sausage patties with pancakes and it was quite nice when they syrup got on the sausage by chance.

HELMI - I didn't know I talked about London that much!

BLUE - will you be able to catch up?

MERSERENE - I have awful wrists - using a second mat is a great idea.
Why do Americans love "Mind the Gap"???

VANESSA - our ongoing feud about driving, eh? It's the concentration, control and skills required that I enjoy, the very things you detest.
And trust you to mention sleeping issues...!

Anonymous said...

That was the most eclectic post, sweet O. Ack! I can't believe today is the first day in weeks that I've had enough time to visit all my friends' blogs.

I really need to stop by yours especially often because it's so soothing.

*hugs and hugs and hugs*

merserene said...

I don't know about others, but to me "Mind the Gap" is one of those things that's so quintessentially English. Very polite. Also so much more interesting than "Watch your step."

Olivia said...

Alohalani - Welcome back, sunshine!
I am honoured that you find my blog soothing. That's why they call me Olivia ;)

Mererene - I guess, living here makes one take phraseology for granted...
You didn't buy a "Mind the Gap" fridge magnet or T-shirt did you???

Olivia said...

Mererene? Hahahaa! Apologies.

Jia Li said...

Hey Lib! Did you see my dark brown hair on my site and the dead was so much fun.

More pics tomorrow!

Olivia said...

Yes Jia - sorry to say it suits you better, ahem!

merserene said...

Uh...I did buy a "Mind the Gap" fridge magnet, but for someone else! As for that "Mind the Gap" t-shirt...

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have sleep issue if sleep didn't have an issue with me!!!! hahahaha