Thursday, October 06, 2005

Major Overhaul

After a few fruitless phone calls to my workaholic friends, I decided to knuckle down and confront my new template.
I toiled all yesterday evening and am not doing this again in a hurry, although it is nice to see the results. Next time, I should be paid...

I have now learned how to tweak the widths and colours of the text, sidebars and menus, but still can't adjust the width of the blog itself. I also want to nudge the title further up into the top bar...I think it's slipped somehow. I even changed the width of the Word of the Day section so I could keep it for you all.

So…do you like it???


Miscellaneous thoughts I had while eating dinner:

Thai chopsticks are absolutely useless. Always go for the short Japanese bamboo ones, they're much more handy.

Have you ever slept between satin sheets? Unless you want to fight a losing battle all night, don't try it.
One time (at my aunt's house), I woke up without my pillow and found it all the way over by the door.

Do you remember the early days, when Ctrl+C used to centre text in Word? Or did I just make that up?


The best-preserved dinosaur fossils which include skin imprints show evidence of feathers. Tyrannosaurus rex had crest-like feathers! First bird-hips, and now feathers.
...Yet more evidence that has the ornithologists jiggling in their seats.


Oh, I saw Ruby Wax yesterday, signing autographs on her new cosmetics at the big Boots emporium on Oxford Street. She is an obnoxious American so-called comedienne who has made a name for herself over here.
That Boots outstrips the one at Piccadilly. I went in for tissues and came out with the best shampoo and conditioner ever, even better than Aussie. I have Dream Hair - just like it says on the tin.
And no tissues.

Speaking of comedians, I've often wanted to tell you about my favourites over here. (Btw, I don't think women make good comedians.)

  • Jimmy Carr - dry, acerbic, often insulting, but he gets aways with it in his preppy Home Counties style.
  • Ross Noble - free-associative, abstract, waffling and completely immature. Long-haired Geordie, reminds me of my cousin Nick from Lincs. Noodlemeister (QT)
  • Lee Evans - he is made of elastic and energy and endless physical humour. For you Americans, he was the little crippled guy in Something About Mary. The scene where he falls off his crutches is classic.
  • Paul Merton - somewhat cerebral, dry. Has a show in which he consigns with a celebrity guest their pet peeves to Room 101.
  • Al Murray - plays the outspoken Cockney pub landlord. Only the Brits will gettit.
  • Alan Davies - naive, obvious, the shy one who has the funniest angle in QI with Stephen Fry. Plays a psychic detective in Jonathan Creek, and a barrister in something else soon.
  • Steve Coogan - best known as Alan Partridge, the arrogant, self-important, foot-in-mouth, second rate radio announcer. Makes for some painful moments. Americans know him as Phineas Fogg in Around the World in Eighty Days.

My fave Alan Partridge Clips (Media Player):
SORRY - I've found they don't click over for some reason.
To view, right-click and Copy Link, then in Media Player, Ctrl+U (open URL), then Ctrl+V (paste), hit enter and Bob's your uncle...

Airbag Deploys ***
Funny Story
Annoying the Builders
Middle Class Moment ****
The Moment (continued)
Embarrassing as James Bond (my fave! *****)


MattJ said...

I am always in 2 minds about Carr. One or two things are hilarious, the rest I find a bit too crass to be honest, perhaps a little too many cheap laughs for my liking.

Disappointed not to see the Klingon Motivational speaker that is Bill Bailey!

Nice new look, although not sure it's manly of me to comment on a Lilac blog! lol!

merserene said...

The new template is very pretty! Love the periwinkle color. Did I ever tell you I also adore Audrey Hepburn?

On your miscellaneous thoughts -

What are Thai chopsticks like? I didn't think they were any different from "regular" chopsticks. Though, I highly recommend staying away from genuine Korean chopsticks - not only are they metal, they're flat. Could pick up nary a thing!

No desire to sleep between satin sheets. 100% cotton for me!

Ctrl+C...wasn't that in WordPerfect? No clue.

Olivia said...

Matt - And I am in 2 minds about Bill Bailey, though I do like his west-country roll.
You have just reminded me that I know a very manly man who has a lilac bedroom.
So please don't stop commenting in my lilac blog!

Merserene - Thai chopsticks are long and taper to circular ends. No flatness and therefore little purchase on what you want to pick up.
My Korean friend never had Korean chopsticks while she was here.

Personally, I can't stand satin, it's fresh cotton for me too.

I thought periwinkle was light blue.

Jia Li said...

I find Korean Chopsticks to be hard to use, noodles just slide right off...b/c they are metal

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

LOVELY colors O... I LOVE your new look.... :))))

it rocks ;)

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

i like ur new black and white avatar as well... sooo pretty..

who's she?

Olivia said...

Jia - what knucklehead thought them up then?

Blue - thanks! The 'avatar' is the beloved actress Audrey Hepburn, one of the most photographed women in the world.

merserene said...

As far as I know, periwinkle is light purplish blue. (Ok, just loooked this up - the dictionary confirms it.) Plus your background color looks just like my periwinkle Crayola crayon, which was always my favorite crayon color!

Olivia said...

OK Merserene, I concede. I am laughing at you for coming back to check though!!!

I was going by the light blue periwinkle flowers we had in our garden. But perhaps my childhood memory serves me wrong.