Sunday, October 02, 2005

Forgot to tell ya!

Hey peoples! I forgot - all of you who keep asking over and over again - I finally received a start date for my new research job: October 7.
Yay...well I waited so long I lost the spark, didn't I...!


Jia Li (Michelle) has really jazzed up her blog. I was speechless yesterday when I ran into it. Anyway, go on over and take a peek: Good Old Times

In other news, she has drawn me as an anime!
Jia Li impresses me twice in one day. She says she has another pic coming up for me soon, but I will leave that as another surprise for you all.

Keep your eyes peeled here too; all I will say is that I've never dealt with quite THIS much HTML before...Tell me not to give up...I spent today avoiding it, yes I did.

But that's also because I had little patience for anything. I spent the day like this:



*cough cough*


Rebecca said...

Hey, congrats on the 7th then!!

And how is Brian doing?!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you get started soon!!!

nice drawing Jia Li, and awesome blog entry.