Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Resolutions etc.

Things that annoyed me yesterday at the bank:
  • The cashier shuffling a large pile of Twenties and reshuffling them every time one popped out.
  • The woman in front of me who kept taking calls on her mobile and looked like she had just got through mucking out the stables.
  • The American lady at the information desk who kept asking questions and demanding something.
And then Christopher the bouncy Polish handyman is back, and started - in fact, stepped up - the usual flirting session, while Clogs stood holding the door open and laughing at me. I was running late for my Alexander class, too.
So the Pole tells me I look (ok he said beautiful) and that I don't need to exercise looking the way I do.

Yes, well, you can look like anything, it's how you feel that matters.


Now, on to the related resolutions. I went to my new doctor yesterday and the first thing she said when she saw me was, "You look underweight, are you anorexic?"
But I can't eat more than I already do. All of you who have seen me at it wonder where I tuck it all away, and so do I!

After I thought about it a bit, I realised that I don't eat much meat. I avoid beef because it is not easy to digest. I love lamb. There are no other red meats. There must be a way of making beef more agreeable.
Jia Li suggested protein shakes, but I sniffed at all four of Delightful's powders the other day (he is building up for a marathon), and they stink stink stink.

This will all fall into place quite nicely once I start my proper exercise regime.
Protein + exercise = muscle mass
(Which is not the same as weight gain. More mass, not fat.)


Just got a message - Yes, you can DRIVE, you can DRIVE. Delightful can drive!
Oh wtf...
John can drive! I can't wait!
This has sent him off the Cool Scale, you know.


Jia Li said...

cool scale? Is there such a thing as that?

Olivia said...

Jia Li - where've you been? The Cool Scale has been around for years! ;)

Anonymous said...

If the doctor had only seen you 6 years ago!! How about cutting the beef really small and then mix it with a rice/vegetable dish. Or you could start eating more hamburgers. j/k.
I don't blame you for staying away from those protein powder. doesn't sound appetizing.


Olivia said...

Vanessa - Oh yes...small pieces, or mince. I am getting ideas now...