Monday, October 24, 2005

Waking Inspiration

A bit out of ideas today, so just repeating my 20Six post here:

I've been worrying for days, what I keep doing wrong. (Jia Li please don't lecture me on this too.)
It takes two to tango.

It came to me as I woke up this morning. I get so chuffed at a really nice guy having an interest in me just for being me that I literally do not know what to do with myself!
Asking anyone to have patience with me while I settle into that whole thing is probably a tall order. I nearly got there this time, nearly. Arrrrrgh.

And when I was 18, 21, 25 whatever....I thought that by now I would have everything: a cool job, a cute house, a gorgeous man, and most of my kids already, dagnabbit!!!


Now for something completely different. And no I am not sitting at a desk in the middle of a field as I say it.

Ages ago, the Motimers were doing a Tag so I've decided to share it here too. Yet another. Well, they are great conversation-starters.

Twenty Random Things About Me:

  1. I was conceived in Barcelona
  2. I weighed 2lbs 6oz at birth (just over one kilo)
  3. I like Real Dogs, the hunting and working breeds
  4. I am getting too old to sleep on my stomach
  5. I have wanted to be a translator, a doctor, a vet, a pathologist, a counselor...
  6. I know how to grow E. coli, muahahahaha!
  7. I have never been drunk but would like to try it once
  8. I am a mezzo-soprano
  9. I'm supposed to have between 2 and 4 children
  10. At university I was *this* close to being accepted by the State Department
  11. I was nearly recruited into the US Navy's nuclear power training program (!)
  12. In primary school I cornered a girl in the loo for stealing my cardigan at playtime
  13. I can now turn the lights off after watching a scary movie
  14. Shoe size 5 (US) or 3.5 (UK); dress size 2 or 4 (US) or 6 or 8 (UK)
  15. I am ambidextrous
  16. At milk-time (this dates me) the teacher used to give me two straws so I'd drink faster
  17. I have a weakness for collecting and giving pretty boxes
  18. I hate beans but like spinach
  19. I project my little pinkie out when I do stuff ("Grip the fishing rod! Grip it!")
  20. At its longest, when wet my hair reached my bum (till it curled back up)


MattJ said...

Wow! Your feet are even tinier tha one of my ex-girlfriends, and they were teeny!

Still if you buy trainers and stuff like that you can get cool kids ones! Bah! they should so make them in adult sizes!

Milk time was great! run around for ten minutes playing spiderman or whatever, half a pint of milk, back inside for colouring in! :-p

Olivia said...

Tiny feet enable me to creep up on people and make them jump, but not on purpose.

School milk used to taste quite nice as well, though it grosses me out now to think I enjoyed it then.

merserene said...

Ok, how did you determine that you're "supposed to have between 2 and 4 children"? :D

Being an only child, I used to want at least 5, but of course I'm much older and wiser and may just contend with 2.

Oh yeah, and: "It's not you, it's them!"

Olivia said...

Merserene - Well, I want 2, but my grandmother insists that she knows I will have 4.

I resented being an only child for years, until I grew up enough to understand.

This is one reason why my mother's large family always gave me extra love.

merserene said...

I hear you on the extra love; it's why I never resented being the only one. Both of my parents have a large number of siblings; I can't even keep straight who's who sometimes. On the practical side, not sure I like the idea of the pains of childbirth, so I'll stick to a small number...

randis said...

Why would you ever resent being the only one?

But maybe I'm not quite objective, what with my family issues.

Olivia said...

You say that now, but mothers swear the pain was worth it and they'd do it again. I also imagine that after my first is born, I'll be blown away by the fact that it's part of me and my beloved.
Anyway, however many I have, I can't wait to see what they look like.

Olivia said...

Randis, I don't know why, all I remember is I begged for a sister to take care of.

Jia Li said...

thanks for shaaring

u have really small feet

Anonymous said...

There three things on this list that i did not know. #6,7,12

Only child isn't so bad, you get to me as your sis. hehehe!


Rebecca said...

You cornered a girl in primary school? He he, that's awesome, I can't picture it at all.

Hey, I thought that by now I would be a couple years from Editor-in-CHief of the Econimist or Vogue magazine or the New York Times (depending on my mood). Instead I'm unemployed, need a haricut, and my boyfriend laughs at me because I look twelve years old when I wear trainers.

Dangnabbit indeed.

But hey: you are ambidextrous! You are ten steps ahead of all of us!

Olivia said...

V - I can't believe you didn't know about number 6 or 7!
When I was your roomie I had just left the lab, and as for 7, that's a bit self-explanatory.

Rebecca - yep, when I was younger I was quite a firebrand. Only got shy when I moved to the States.
I used to want to work at Vogue or Conde Nast in NYC. Anna Wintour is weird.

Unemployed??? I thought you were at CSK!!! What happened???

Rebecca said...

Weird indeed. But it worked for her, eh? I kind of pictured myself as her second.... and then replacement. HA HA.

One year contract... it ended. So there you go.

James said...

Accepted to the state department as what, exactly?

Olivia said...

J - I'm still not allowed to say.

...What are you doing on this side of Blog?
Just kidding. It was as a security intelligence specialist field agent type job. I would have carried a gun!
This would be an interesting blog..

Anonymous said...

#6--I guess I forgot. #7--just be aware that you might be hugging the toilet bowl.


James said...

Good Lord, that would have been interesting, certainly.

My friend's a spy. Well, kind of.

Oh dear. Even by writing this I may get him killed.